Thursday, November 02, 2006

Would Mr. Joke please pick up the white courtesy phone?

Apparently, Badger and I live in a parallel universe, because I tried to make Cuban Granny Panties tonight with the exact same results (and the exact same replacement meal) that she had.

'the fuck, man? What did I do wrong?


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't throw it away yet. Stick it back in a pan you can cover tomorrow and re-braise it in the tomato sauce at about 250°F/120°C or in your crock pot until tender - probably several hours. One of the tricks I use on a chuck roast is to cook it twice.

Joke said...


Did you use chuck roast or chuck shoulder? Two cuts that behave in astonishingly dissimilar ways. If you used the chuck roast, go and do what zazzy says. (I'd cube it up before the 2nd round of cooking, in a tight-fitting-lidded pot.)

Major Bedhead said...

Roast, I believe. I've already put it in the crock pot. I didn't cube it - I didn't see this comment before I started it. Hopefully it will come out ok.

Joke said...

Make sure that lid is on tight.