Friday, November 17, 2006

Worst Mother In The World Award

Is there one? If not, there should be and I should get it this month.

Boo was being very quiet in the other part of the living room as I checked email and did my thing. When I turned away from the computer, what was she doing? Drinking a BEER! TCBIM had left a half-empty beer can on a table and I didn't even see it this morning. Boy, she sure did, though. I don't think she had more than a mouthful, but she certainly had poured it all over herself.

My kid. Lush-in-training. Oy.

Also, this may be one of the coolest ads I've ever seen.


OhTheJoys said...

I drank a whole beer when little, said "oooh, I have a FUNNY head" took a nap and grew up to be (mostly) o.k. (unless you consider drinking a million beers as a teen ager not o.k.)

LJ said...

well at lesat she wasn't trying to feed it to the bug.

i had a thought a while ago... if you email me your address i'd like to send you a bag of ketchup chips.
they have those all over the place here. at least 20 different brands.

floreksa said...

Not a beer, but I came downstairs once to find that A had OPENED a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi and drank a good 1/4 of it (with a surprisingly small amount of spillage).

Caffeine, it does a toddler good. Not.A.Fun.Day

George said...

I may be up for the Worst Dad award.

I once offered my son a taste of my beer and he said, "Dad, I am 100% drum free!"

Ugh, what a dork! LOL

You are not a bad mom. You rock!

art-sweet said...

Well, at least he didn't leave a bottle of bleach on the counter...

I think this should be blamed on the beer can leaver not you!

Kelsey said...

That's pretty funny!

Of all the things she could've gotten into, she found the beer!

I'd definitely blame the beer leaver :)

art-sweet said...

I think you need this:

Anonymous said...

I don't think you need to worry until you find her mixing her own martinis.

Erin said...

ok, you just kind of have to laugh at that one! Knowing me I would've taken a picture and then been reported for child abuse, lol, but just remember, shit happens! At least it was only a mouthful :-)

Zazzy said...

Do they have AA groups for toddlers? That is really very funny! It may not seem to be right now but one day you'll laugh.

I accidentally got my brother's toy poodle really drunk once. It fell in the pool and I spent all afternoon drying the dog and sobering it up.

graymama said...

No worries! It was the world's worst dad's fault!

Also, I am sure the creationists out there love that commercial :-P