Friday, November 03, 2006

Five strange things

Tagged by Kerri.

This is what immediately popped into my head upon being tagged:

So, does that qualify as a strange fact? Or just that I have a strange brain?

1. I obsessively chew and pick at the skin around my nails. Not just the cuticles, but the skin, too. I have incredibly dry skin on my hands and in the winter, especially, my fingers crack and peel and itch. So I pick. I pick until it bleeds, sometimes. In spite of all this, my nails themselves still look great. But it's why I don't wear nail polish - I don't want to call attention to my mangled digits.

2. I have an inordinately large collection of books about Henry VIII. I know far too much about him for someone who doesn't have a degree in Tudor history. I'm obsessed. I even have a Henry VIII and his wives coffee mug. I can name the wives in order of appearance. I can name his children. And their spouses. I'm a sad, sad individual.

3. I want to be on What Not To Wear in the worst way. I wish I could nominate myself.

4. When I was in high school, I accidentally stole a pair of earrings from Spencer Gift. I put them in my hand, intending to pay for them, then wandered around the store and walked out with them still in my hand. I realized it 10 minutes later, but I didn't go back to pay for them.

5. I have a huge amount of (useless) trivial knowledge embedded in my brain. It does me no good what so ever, and yet, it's there, just waiting for someone to say "Hey, who sung Undercover Angel?" That'd be Alan O'Day. How often are members of Congress re-elected? Every two years (and GO VOTE, people! Please!).

And now I'm going to go drool over watch Keith Olberman.

Hey, look, even the military media is calling for Rumsfeld's resignation! Whoa.


Lyrehca said...

You can totally nominate yourself for What Not To Wear. I love that show and just saw someone maybe two weeks ago (a woman from the south who refused to cut her too-long hair) who nominated herself. Good luck!

Kerri. said...

Useless trivia? We should go on Rich List. We'd clean the F up. :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Ha! Good stuff! I pick the skin around my nails too. I also don't wear nail polish, but I would be willing to bet it's for a different reason.


Sharon said...

Oh God... now I have Undercover Angel running thru my head. And yes, I know the words.

Damn you, Julia.

Erin said...

Um, just out of curiousity... what the heck made you chose Henry VIII??

LOL - It is just a funny man to be obessesed with... now Keith Olberman, there is a man I have loved the sportscenter days. I used to watch it just for him, lol.

Major Bedhead said...

Erin - I used to live in England, near Bosworth Fielf, which is where Richard III was killed (and didn't say "My kingdom for a horse.). I got interested in him, initially, thru a book called The Daughter Of Time, by Josephine Tey. That led to Henry VIII, once I found out how much more intersting he was (and Richard III was pretty damned interesting.) SO there you go. How my brain hopscotches. :D

Anonymous said...

Julia -

I am OBSESSED with What not to Wear. My friend Salome and I are trying to devise a way to get on it together - nominating each other, etc.

And one of my random facts is that I bite my nails compulsively.

And, yes, people - please go and vote - it really IS important.

Major Bedhead said...

Nicole - you have a friend named Salome? That is a kick ass name!

Beck said...

Wanna know what we have in common?
4.... it wasn't Spenser Gift, but it was the same story.
and 5. Put us on the same Trivial Pursuit team and we'd be an unstoppable force! So apparently we're long-lost twins. Spoooky!