Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Shameless Plug

Great Big Sea
Calvin Theatre, Northampton, MA
21 April 2006

Such a fun band. If you're at all into Celtic music - not trad, deedle-deedle-dee music, although they do have some of that - you need to check out Great Big Sea. They're extremely talented and very funny. They put on a hell of a show, too, full of energy and perform with a pure enjoyment and love for their music. They make sea chanties dead sexy and Newfoundland folk songs rock.

Go check them out. Rant and Roar is their US greatest hits compilation and a good place to start. Then find out where they're playing near you and go see them and dance your ass off.

Today, my legs are sore and my throat a bit raw, but man, I had a blast.


Shannon said...

It's good that you had a good time! You deserve it.

I'll go check them out...I like that kind of music.

Shannon said...

I just checked out some song samples at Amazon. They're good!

My dad used to play music like this all. of. the. time. Don't get me started on St. Patrick's Day. The whole neighborhood could hear what he was playing. AND don't get me started on his harpsicord which he'd play and sing searfaring Irish songs during which I do a lame imitation of the Irish Jig (this was when I was a kid, I might cause a compression fracture if I tried it today, LOL).

Angewl said...

I am so happy that you had a good time. You were way overdue for it, in my opinion!!!!

LJ said...

that fish head with the lady legs has to be the funniest picture i have seen in a while! thanks for the laugh

Jamie said...

You know, they've been to my hometown and I never went to see them (can you tell I'm kicking myself in the ass for that one??). I DO like their music ... it's kind of a running joke that you know you're a Canadian when you can understand the lyrics to Great Big Sea's songs ... heh.

Glad you had a great time - next time they come through town, I'll be picking up some tickets :D

Sharon said...

Oh, I've loved the by's since '97 or so... Since I moved south I rarely get to see them, but occasionally they come all the way down here to Austin and believe me, the Canadians come out of the WOODWORK.

Major Bedhead said...

lauraj - you should hear the song that that picture is from - it's even funnier. It's called The Mermaid.

LJ said...

where would i find it? who sings it?

Major Bedhead said...

Great Big Sea. It's on their new CD, The Hard & The Easy.