Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Everyone else is doing it,

Why can't I? (Name that [paraphrased] album title)

I am: pregnant
I want: food
I wish: I had long, red, curly hair a la Susan Sarandon
I hate: lies. And liver.
I miss: my friend Caragh
I fear: something happening to my family
I hear: Gene Loves Jezebel - Jealous. And the server humming.
I wonder: how the Red Sox will do this year.
I regret: my first marriage
I am not: very patient
I dance: like Elaine from Seinfeld.
I sing: too often.
I cry: All. The. Freaking. Time. (see #1)
I am not always: neat.
I make with my hands: great meals.
I write: to fulfill a need.
I confuse: left and right.
I need: a massage
I should: file the shit on my desk.
I start: too many books
I finish: this meme


Shannon said...

Haha...I would love to see you dance. That was one of the funniest Seinfeld episodes.

Erica said...

OMG dh tells me I dance like Elaine all the time... Hence I only do it with dd or when I'm drunk and have the alcohol-induced courage.

Juliabohemian said...

I am: 30 lbs overweight
I wish: I had clear skin
I hate: ignorance and sociopaths
I miss: the financial freedom I had when I worked
I fear: not having enough money, not doing anything meaningful with my talents, screwing up my kids.
I hear: My 3 year old in the other room.
I wonder: If I will get a job after I graduate
I regret: quitting school, even though I would never have my children or my house...okay maybe not. But, it would be easier if I were already done.
I am not: patient or energetic
I dance: like a wounded elephant
I sing: All the time. At my church.
I cry: Very rarely.
I am not always: up to doing things.
I make with my hands: Art.
I write: to express myself.
I confuse: the light switches on the wall.
I need: a massage, a facial, a manicure, highlights, a new camera...
I should: work on my architecture report.
I start: too many projects, paintings etc.
I finish: about half of the things I start.

Lyrehca said...

Everyone Else is Doing It---The Cranberries.

Good luck with your pregnancy fears. I fear I will be exactly the same way if I ever get there.