Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Tao of Poo

Oh, the puns.

A shitty day.
She's full of crap.
Poop happens.

Yes, ladies and jellyspoons, the inevitable finally happened. Boo stripped naked and pooped in her crib. First time. I don't think I'll be marking this one down in the old baby book. I got tub duty, TCBIM cleaned up the poopy crib. He gets major points for that one. Bleurgh.

Boo just stood there in her room, after her tub, laughing, pointing and saying "Poops, mama! Poops!"

That's my little girl. So ladylike, so dainty, so...disgusting.

Starting tomorrow, I'm duct taping her diaper on her.


Anonymous said...

My mom walked in to check on my supposed to be sleeping sister and found she had scooped the poo out of her diaper and was using it in an artistic expression on the walls.

My sister is retiring this year as a teacher. She teaches Art.

Who knew?


LJ said...

got poop?

Shannon said...

Oh please lord don't let this become a phase for her.

My mother loves telling the story about a friend of hers whose son was "napping" and she started smelling something bad. She checked in on him, but he wasn't in bed....but the walls were smeared with crap as were his bedding. She searched around for him and she found him hiding in HER closet. During the process of getting in there, he wiped his hands all over the clothes hanging in there.

I've had one instance with Jessica taking off her diaper in her crib, but luckily it was just ONCE.

floreksa said...

Thankfully A's only done it once and I think she grossed herself out. LOL

We've implemented the multiple lines of defense. Diaper, running shorts, pull-up then pjs.

art-sweet said...

Have I sent you the poop song yet?

Jess said...

Yeah, we went through the fingerpainting thing with Cass - R so far has only pissed. on.everything.

Seriously, the kid? Has got waterworks!

hint by joke - put their jammies on backwards and wedge a safety pin under the zipper.

It does work!

OhTheJoys said...

Roo only seems to be able to poo if submerged in communal water. Yuck.