Monday, December 04, 2006


Guess what two keys are missing from my keyboard

Can you figure it out?

I can't punctuate or use certain words

Or sign my name
It is making me itchy

And twitchy

And go a bit cross-eyed

My stupid fucking Mac crashed Again

For the 87th time

And now it's snowing


I need a do over on the day and it's not even 10 a m yet


LJ said...

Hero Juria I am sorry youre having such a shitty day
I give you big hug okay
ps my boy Aaron home from school today, I can't get out to the mail. But I will soon! I will get you those chips before the expiry date on the bag. (If not chips are always good up to a month after the date printed on the bag, but rest assured you WILL have them before that, come hell or high water or snow storms or sick boys, or asshole exes... blah blah blah)

Erica said...

LOL I love that movie! Tis the season for 10 millions replays of it too... :-)

graymama said...


When Hubby and I are both on the computer, he plays his game on our new one. Of course, the keyboard hooked up to the old computer has a spacebar that doesn't work :-P I feel your pain!

Cat, Galloping said...

from the title, i thought it was going to be a rude japanese joke.

Erin said...

Now that just sucks :( Hope tomorrow is better for you!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, Chinese food....

Oh, sorry about that. Didn't meant to flaunt the punctuation you can't use. :(

I learned about Macs the hard way. Of course mine had a little help breaking. I dropped it. Doh!

Andrea (For some reason, I can never sign my name on your posts. It allows anonymous and "other" comments, so that's not it. Blogger is just retarded that way, I guess. Blogger has it in for me on your blog, and Bloglines has it in for you on my blog. Bastards.)