Monday, December 18, 2006


  • I have such a cold. And so many blogs to read. And so little energy or inclination to do anything. It sucks.

  • I finally put up the tree. It took me three hours to get the thing up and get the lights on. I was two strands from being done. Plugged the next string of lights into the ones already on the tree and blew the fuses in three strands. Three strands that I had to hunt for. I fucking HATE putting lights on the tree. Next year, I am buying a pre-lit tree. Just call me Scrooge.
  • My apostrophe key is bringing up a Find navigation bar on the bottom of this page. I have no idea why, but it is pissing me off. Damed computers.
  • I cut off most of my hair today. Well, not me, I paid a hairdresser to do it, but it is much shorter now. It was almost to my waist, now it is just below my shoulders.
  • The company TCBIM works for is having their Christmas party on Thursday. Who has a Christmas party on a Thursday?? I bought some adorable peep toe black satin pumps to wear with my red Chinese tunic - the one I wore when TCBIM and I got married. With my nice new haircut and my pretty new pumps, I may actually look like a person, rather than just a mum. That will be a novelty.


Unknown said...

OH, to be a person again!! Good luck and have fun at the party!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

The crud has been making its way around my house too. No fun at all.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better SOON! Crud is going around down South - I haven't gotten it (but now that I've actually put it in know the story...). And you actually have a Christmas party at night? Not on a Sunday afternoon (John's, which we blew off) - or Friday at lunch, complete with BYO (insert dish) and bring your customers/clients, too - and if your spouse/SO can make it, great!. I kid you not. That was to be my work holiday party. Thank goodness for customers who decided to meet with me at that time. Dress up for a Christmas party? I'd fly to Mass. to dress up for a holiday party!!! Have a blast - and take pics!

Shannon said...

I just put the lights on the tree last night (after we had the tree for a week) and after finding a strand of lights burned out, I vowed to get a prelit fake one next year.

Feel better soon!

Sarah said...

I love christmas parties! Too bad I never have babysitting to go! I had some icky stuff in october. I hope you feel less icky soon.

Also, i've been reading only the headlines at diabetes daily, but your blog doesn't show up on these. why? ive missed so much

Lara said...

wow, i'm sad that you're feeling sick and yucky. and sad for your tree fiasco. i'm sure the first contributed to making the second even worse. here's hoping you feel heaps better soon!

Major Bedhead said...

Sarah - I don't know. Am I supposed to sign up to have my blog show up on there? I have a list with bloglines that tells me when people post. Usually. Sometimes it freaks out, but most of the time it's fine.

velcro said...

you poor thing. we had the cold a few weeks back and it lasted and lasted, but hopefully because we're on the otherside of the Pond from you, it's not the same one.

Have a lovely time at the party, I hope you are feeling better for it

floreksa said...

Count me in with the cold! A's got it to. Went to H. Ped's last night at 7:30pm and she's also got an ear infection which I was told on a scale of 1 to 10 was a 10. Great!

Oh, our Christmas Party, here at "Freezing R US"...Friday afternoon, lunch buffet at 1pm in the breakroom. BYO dessert, no SO's, no children. Hope your not hungry at noon like normal human beings.

LJ said...

I nwish I could see how lovely you'd be. Just imagining it you are going to be a knockout! You certainly had guts to cut that much hair off. I coulddn't dare part with mine, but maybe the wind will blow me that one somday. Not there yet. I bet you are gorgeous!
I certainly hope you feel better soon!!

Sharon said...

You ARE brave to get so much cut. Mine is down to my butt, and I alternate between wanting to bob it shoulder-length, leaving it be, or dying a blue streak down the underneath so it would show when I put my hair up.

I think the blue streak will win.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how far a haircut can go to make one feel better put together. I'm in desperate need of one, but I'm trying to grow my hair out (don't really remember why).

Feel better.

Andrea --

Anonymous said...

I got that crude, too. Miserable. Here's to getting over it before Xmas.

Angewl said...

I hope you are feeling better soon.

Hubbys work party was on a monday with one day notice, no kids allowed. So, we did not make it.

I know you are going to be beautiful, you always are. Hopefully you will get a pic to share?