Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I am a lemming

So, I put that Technorati thing over there in my sidebar. What does it do? Is it like Bloglines? I'm confused.

No good drugs yet. I have an appointment tomorrow morning. I'm hoping to get some then. Still coughing up a lung. Both of 'em, sometimes. It really sucks.

I got a baking cookbook from my sister's girlfriend. It's by the pastry chef at Spago. Oh. My. Gawd. The stuff looks delicious, but oh, so complicated. Still. I may have to attempt some of these things. There's a recipe for Banana Chocolate Beignets that sounds delicious. I've never been much of a baker - there's too much measuring and I'm more of a toss some of this and add a dash of that kind of cook. Baking is chemistry and I was never all that good at chemistry. But I'm willing to give it a try. I have this friend, T, who works at this fancy schmancy foodie shop in Cambridge. When he and I get together, we cook. We plan out the menu weeks in advance and we don't usually do dessert, but I think the next time he comes out here, we'll attempt it.

Between this cookbook and the Les Halles one, I am one happy little girl, let me tell you. I love reading a good cookbook. It makes me tingle all over and want to go do, make something, anything. Today, I satisfied that urge with some homemade macaroni and cheese. Yummmmm.... So good.


Lyrehca said...

Yeah, what does Technorati do?

So when you cook all these tasty pastries, do you figure out the carb counts for O.? So many cookbooks (and I'm guessing yours, but am I wrong?) just don't give all the nutritional information. When they do, it's super easy to know how much insulin to take.

Major Bedhead said...

No, no nutritional information. We SWAG bolus for it. Usually we're pretty good at it. And to be honest, O's not into fancy desserts. She would usually rather have a chocolate chip cookie anyway and those, we've pretty much figured, are 15 g each. I make small cookies, barely two bites each.

Mamma Sarah said...

Hope you get to feeling better real soon!

Watch out... cookbooks are contaigious!

Bea said...

If you click on "Blogs that link here" you can see who is linking to you. They're listed starting with the most recent, so if someone puts a link to your blog in a post, it will show up. (Sometimes you get some surprises - random people who decide to post a line-by-line literary analysis of your post, even though they've never commented and you have no idea who they are.)

Based on the number of incoming links, Technorati also ranks you against all the other blogs their tracking, but the rankings aren't all that exciting (woo hoo! I just cracked the top 25 000!). They're also not all that accurate, since the "link" may, in some cases, be simply someone displaying a particular blogroll you're on. But it's always fun to come across random, unexpected links that you might otherwise never know about.