Sunday, December 31, 2006

The fun continues

The boiler melted - I don't know what part it was and frankly, I don't care - and we have no heat. Well, TCBIM has no heat. I am at my mother's. Oy. He is at the house, replacing the boiler. Remember the boiler? It sat in my driveway for several months and finally got moved into the cellar, where it's sat for more months.

Being of the "Why do now what you can wait until it explodes to do later" school, TCBIM never worked on said boiler. So, old boiler shit the bed and it's roughly 19 degrees Farenheit outside during the day and colder than a witch's tit inside my house.

It's been ok-ish staying here, although the sleeping arrangements are tight, to say the least. One toddler, one baby and one grown up in a bedroom. A very tiny bedroom. The bed creaks, which wakes Boo. The Bug cries, which wakes Boo. I have a cough (and a sinus infection), which wakes Boo. You get the idea. Everyone is suffering from severe sleep deprivation. It's loads of fun.

I can't believe I'm blogging from my mother's. If she finds this blog, I'm not going to be happy.

And Kerri, I hope I can get my articles to you on time. The computer is, of course, in the room where we're sleeping, so it's difficult to get time on here. I'll do my best.


OhTheJoys said...

Julia - Here's wishing you a calamity free 2007. You deserve a free and easy year!!

Lara said...

man, i'm sorry to hear about the sleep deprivation. also am sending good wishes that your mom doesn't find the blog. i guess i'm lucky in that my mom reads and comments on my blog, but i love that. i am wishing you an awesome new year! :)

Angewl said...

Oh No! I am so sorry!
I hope he gets it fixed soon. Any idea when you may get to go home?

I hope you feel better and can get some rest soon! {{{hugs}}}

(can you delete the history or something so she doesnt find it?)

Jess said...

Jesus Gay, J, the hits just keep a'comin, don't they?

Erin said...

Ugh - I hope it gets fixed and soon for your sake!!

Don't forget to erase the history on your moms computer so she doesn't find you, lol.

Happy New Year!

KPB said...

I know it doesn't really help, but it is kind of reassuring for me that someone else is having a less than fun time at the mo. Sorry, that's so selfish I know. I do hope the health insurance thing works out - that sounds hellish.

Sarah said...

oh shit, I hope that boiler gets fixed soon! If only for the sake of your sanity!

Kerri. said...

Holy crap, Julia. Let me know if you need anything! Don't worry about the articles - just stay warm!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't sound fun, but at least you have somewhere warm to be.

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