Thursday, May 18, 2006

There shall be a dearth of torpid bovines

Well, I called the agency and got rid of Dozy Cow. She'll finish the week and we'll get someone new on Monday. *whew*

She never shuts up. Never. I just want to hit her. And she keeps interrupting me when I do get a nanosecond to leap in with some training. Listen, lady, SHUT UP already and listen to me when I'm talking to you. See my lips moving? That means yours shouldn't. I don't care if Maytag has licensed the Magic Chef name to some company, it has nothing to do with what we're doing here, so stop gabbing about it.

She's complained so many times about how grubby it is here that I'm tempted to just hand her the bottle of 409 and have her go to town on the place. Maybe I'd slip into unconciousness from the fumes. It's either that or she'll bore me to death. If you're working in a manufacturing facility, it is ridiculous to expect the place to be immaculate. Especially when the company won't spend a dime to update the place and the commodities we ship out of here are sticky and icky and gooey. Makes for kind of a messy place. The office is not dirty, it's just old. And yes, I suppose they could paint it, but to waltz in here on your first day and ask me when they're planning on painting is just a tad presumptuous. So, buh-bye now.


Shannon said...

Good to know you're getting rid of her!

She sounds like she was a housewife most of her adult life and has just started in the workforce again.

I hope I don't turn out like that when I go back to work {{{shudder}}}

Major Bedhead said...

You couldn't possibly be like this woman. I've MET you. You're, y'know, sane.

Trish said...

Bwahahahaha!What a freaktard!

Yay for you in getting someone new!!

Jamie said...

LOL - Shannon, please don't let that be ME when I go back to work! YIKES!!

Glad to hear you got rid of her, Julia. Let's hope the next candidate is .... well, sane !!

Carolyn said...

Good For You in getting someone new - btw loooooove the cow pic - I just adore cows.

Joke said...

I have amazing new respect for you.


Angewl said...

Glad you got soemone new coming in. Hopefully this person will know a little something about computers!