Friday, May 12, 2006

Answering Kerri's Meme

1. How has diabetes changed the way you communicate with your daughter?

Well, considering she was diagnosed before her third birthday, it really hasn't. It's always been there. I think, when I compare it to how I communicate (or fail to) with her older brother, it's helped. We have to talk in order to make decisions in her care and that keeps things more open between us, not just regarding the diabetes, but pretty much regarding everything. Except recently. Recently she's been a pre-teen pain in my butt, roll her eyes, heave big sighs, "oh GAWD, mum" mode. It's fanTABulous. Oy. And vey.

2. If you went ex-pat on the United States, where instead would you chose to live?

Probably England. I'm familiar with it, having lived there before, and I love it there. I love the history of the place, I love the landscape, I even love the weather. Plus, y'know, all the beer and fish 'n' chips I can stand. Never a bad thing.

3. If you had to sell all of your material belongings and could only keep three things, what would you choose to keep and why?

My computer, because it has all my photos on it.
The Victorian sofa that's been in my family since shortly after the Great Fire of Chicago. My great-great grandfather came here from Germany, to be a carpenter after the fire, and someone paid him with that sofa. It's beat to hell, but it's pretty and it's got history.
My purse, because it has all the family's stuff in it - insurance cards, SS cards, the sort of thing that's a bitch to replace. I'm so practical.

4. The World’s Foxiest Man has just sat down next to you on the subway. How do you think you would embarrass yourself?

I'd probably spill something down my front and then stammer and laugh too loudly and just generally be one of those people who make you cringe on their behalf.

5. Why do you blog?

To inflict my snark on the rest of the world.


Kerri. said...

lpI revel in your snarkiness. Thank goodness for that!

And I see a lot of similarities between your perception of communication with O and the communication connection I have with my mom. It's a pain in the arse topic to have to talk about, but it makes everything else a little more perspectified.

Major Bedhead said...

Perspectified. You should add that to your dictionary.