Wednesday, May 17, 2006

People do my head in

Since I'm leaving my job in mid-June, I took it upon myself to hire a temp to replace me. She is unbelievable. She started yesterday and we had a few down minutes, so I checked my email. She was READING my email over my shoulder. Um, lady? CUT IT OUT!

She looks to be about 55 and holy crap, is she opinionated! She walked into the place and started complaining about the condition of the office, it was too cold, then it was too hot, then there wasn't enough to do while I was out, someone left the toilet seat up, she can't believe we only have a cleaning lady once a week (only she called her a maid :roll eyes: ), when was she going to get set up on the computer and meanwhile, I'm explaining to her how to do things and she DIDN'T TAKE A SINGLE NOTE! If she doesn't improve today, I'm calling the agency and requesting someone else to start on Monday. She told me her whole life story, too - son is a recovering heroin addict, she's going thru a bad divorce, she was married before, blah blah blah blah blah. Shut UP, lady, and learn how to do my job so I can leave!! Aaagh! And stop reading my fucking email! Dozy cow.

It has FINALLY stopped raining. The state flooded. They got something ridiculous like 12" of rain around Boston. It's been unbelievable. Today is sunny, though, so hopefully things will dry out. I really need to get my garden tilled - I may wind up just doing it all in pots this year, since it's so late in the season. Maybe I should do that anyway. It's less work, less bending and stopping with this big ol' belly. No weeding when you plant in pots, either. Hmm. The more I think about it, the more I like this idea. Wonder if you can grow carrots in pots.... Anyone know? I may just give it a try anyway. Home Depot has huge pots and the garden center in the next town has lots of lovely organic potting soils and composted manure (it's called Moo Doo. This cracked me up.)

Anyway. The temp should be here soon, so I'd better send this before she tries to read it. Mother of god. People are just amazing.


Shannon said...

I doubt this woman will improve. I'd just call the temp agency and get someone else.

And cheers to the sun and blue sky!!!!!!! I was losing my mind with all of the gloomy rain we've had for the past couple of weeks.

Jess said...

We were watching the news out of Boston last night, horrified. Just so you know, we're a short boat ride across the pond.

Oh - and it's sunny here.

Re: EvilTemp - in your current job situation, it seems like having an incompetent temp would be the perfect thing for the Corporatebeings to hang over your head.

I'm glad you didn't float away!

Sandra Miller said...

Call. The Agency. Now.

I am SO glad to read that the rain has finally stopped, and it's sunny out there.

About time.

And hey, carrots should do fine in a pot, as long as it's big enough... good luck!

Nicole P said...

You called her a dozy cow. Snorting here at my terminal.

Hope things get better today; enjoy some of the sunlight.

Trish said...

I was laughing the entire time I was reading your post today!!

DOZY COW-New word of the day! bwauhahahahaha!!

Michko said...

Moo Doo...that's too much!

Jamie said...

Moo Doo and dozy cow - I'm sensing a "farm-ish" theme to this post LOL.

Like the others said - call the agency - get someone else in there - she sounds like a real winner.

Congrats on seeing some sunshine too - hope things dry up quickly.

Haven't got a clue if planting carrots in a pot will work - I'm sure it's been done before - let us know how it turns out if you do try it.

Juliabohemian said...

there is such a thing as office ettiquette. maybe because she is just a temp, she isn't aware of it. also, she is of a different generation than you, which creates a social barrier. not that reading over your shoulder is's totally annoying. If she isn't doing what she is supposed to be doing, then replace her.

LJ said...

You are too funny!!

graymama said...

Great that you can keep your sense of humor! If you keep her around then your co-workers might appreciate you more when you come back :-)

I think anything will grow in a pot if given enough room. You should do fine with the carrots.

Anonymous said...

I don't garden, but we do buy red bell pepper plants every year because Liam loves them. We pot them in 5-gallon buckets. They're not pretty, but they do fine; so should carrots.

Glad to hear y'all weren't washed away in the big flood.

Joke said...

There's a reason why they are called temps. Drop her like a bad transmission.


Anonymous said...

came across your blog via another friends'.. stole some MEMe things from you.. hope you dont mind :)

i thought i would just leave a comment, i dont know.. it just seems good etiquette. :)

i was going to write something fun and whimsical, about our writing style being similiar. but im sick. and i just ate carb reduced pasta. for no real reason. it didnt help.

hope the temp improves.

sorry to hear youre a red sox fan. we all have our quirks :D