Monday, May 01, 2006

No longer a hermit crab...or crabby hermit

I always say I don't like people much, but yesterday I met several really lovely specimens of the species.

First, we had a couple and their daughter over for a little cookout. The daughter is close to O's age and also has diabetes. It was great to chat with the parents - they're both very friendly and the husband plays golf, so TCBIM was very happy. The girls seemed to get along well, which is good. I'm hoping we can continue to get together with them.

Then *drum roll* I got to meet Art-Sweet. She's really nice and she brought me a Gerbera Daisy. I fed her tacos for dinner and she didn't keel over, which is always a plus. I don't like to poison my guests. She and O talked about diabetes and rotten kids who tease and camp. She didn't mind my crazy dog or my sneezy cat either. And she's cute! A mop of wavy hair, funky glasses and some way cool shoes. AND, she thought I was in my very early thirties, so she's more than welcome to come back. Any time. :D I'm hoping she got home ok, since she still had quite a drive in front of her.

Maybe I'm not quite as curmudgeonly as I thought...I'm starting to develop quite a list of friends and acquaintances. It's kind of cool.

And I thought I'd share this, since it cracked me up....

My thoughts exactly.


Max said...
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Joke said...

If the sign holder is the one volunteer, I think there's no real future in that course of action.



Shannon said...

That sign seems to be popular...I've seen other people holding it. But, it's so damned true.

I tend to be anti-social, but when I get together with friends, I wonder why I do socialize more often.

I'm glad you and Art got to meet each other. It's pretty cool getting to meet these weird internet friends, LOL.

art-sweet said...

As much as I wish this would happen, I am not volunteering to do the dirty work.

art-sweet said...

p.s. thanks again for dinner! Tell O. I think she's awesome. If she wants a (much) older sister, I'm all over it.

Major Bedhead said...

You're very welcome and I'll tell O. She thought you were cool. And she liked your shoes, too.

Sandra Miller said...

The photo-- priceless.

Though, I can't say I'd ever apply for the job...

Glad you got to spend some time socializing this weekend-- and that you got to meet and spend time with Art-Sweet.

Isn't it crazy (and really cool) how you can make connections with people via blogging?

In fact, tomorrow night Jenny and Tommy from Until a Cure are coming here for pizza. Joseph is very excited.

Meanwhile (between anticipatory smiles), I'm trying to figure out how I can clean this place up before they get here :-O