Thursday, May 25, 2006

Not that I'm complaining, mind...

...but I came home from picking up the haul I got off Freecycle and O had Hoovered the rug AND picked up the books the Boo had left out. Without being asked. I think aliens have replaced my daughter with a cyborg. As long as it's a cyborg that does the hoovering, I will be content.

Now, the Freecycle haul. I'd posted that I was looking for a toddler bed for the Boo and a guy said he had one. I went over there tonight and he also gave me a fairly new car seat, a little tricycle and a high chair seat that straps to a chair. Score! Psych.

I'm gonna go buy a lottery ticket tomorrow because this is the second bit of good luck I've had recently and since things come in threes, I figure, it can't hurt.


Jess said...

We have the high chair seat thingy - so much easier than the high chair - score for you!

Love Freecycle treasure!

Trish said...

Freecycle Rocks!!!

I love love love it!!! I have recieved and gifted so many things!

Great score!

MsCellania said...

Freecycle is great! And you really made a Superb haul.

If you ever see a Kinderzeat listed, GRAB IT! We still use ours for the boys, at nearly 5 and 6.

And I've been meaning to respond here for a long time. *waving*