Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Socket, She Is Dry

Whatever a dry socket is, that's what I've got. It fucking hurts. The dentist packed it with something yesterday, which helped immensely, and I have to go back tomorrow to get it done again. Why can't I just have a normal tooth pulling? Why all these unnecessary complications?

In other news:

Boo has learned how to scale the four-foot high gate we put on her door. The kind that you screw in to the wall. It only has up and down bars, so I don't know how she's accomplishing this, but she did tonight. Tomorrow, I'm buying one of those chain locks for the outside of her door. I don't have any other options at this point.

And my dryer is dying. Because that's what I need right now - one more fucking expense.

I'm so sick of my life right now, I could scream. Just scream. But I'm not going to because it will make my mouth hurt again.


SUEB0B said...

Ooh, hope it gets better

TSintheC said...

Ooooh. Um, if you want to know, it's where the blood clot comes out of the hole where the tooth was and so it's just open gum to the bone. I know all about it after Shortman's 4-wisdom-tooth-extraction last week.

I can suggest throwing stuff against a wall instead of screaming. It helps.

:-) feel better MB

Anonymous said...

Dry socket is horrible :(
Sorry your not feeling well and why don't you just scream and release some of the frustration??

LJ said...

AARAAAARRRRRRGGHHHH!!! there I screamed for you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Fate. Back up off her, mmmkay? She's been through enough right about now, dontcha think?

kittenpie said...

You could try what we have on the door - a screen door to her room to keep her in. Ours doesn't have a latch, but it could, and then you could still hear her. Might work. Sorry to hear about your, um, socket. Ahem.

Anonymous said...

Major, so sorry that you are going through all that right now. Life just sucks like that sometimes... or always. Ha!

Sometimes a good long scream helps! And I thought that I was the only person who engages in such crazy mommy behavior. Glad to know that I have company!

Angewl said...


Maureen Fitzgerald said...

Oooooh - I vividly remember my two dry sockets after having my wisdom teeth taken out. One of the only two times I have ever actually passed out from pain. (That packing stuff does help a lot!!) You have my sympathy!!