Saturday, November 17, 2007

Go Fish

In the next room, right at this moment, I'm listening as O tries to teach Boo, who is thisclose to being three, how to play Go Fish.

O: Do you have a six?
Boo: Yes. What's dis? (Holds up a card.)
O: You're not supposed to show me your cards!
Boo: Ummmm....ok. Here. (Shows O all her cards.)
O: NO! Boo, don't show me your cards. Now do you have a six?
Boo: Yes. (Hands her a king.)
O: *big sigh* That's a king, Boo. Lemme see your cards. See this one? This is a six. (Takes card from Boo's hand.)
Boo: (indignant) HEY! You took my card!!
O: That's how you play, Boo.
Boo: *sigh* Fine.
O: Do you have a jack?
Boo: No. Yes. Here. (Gives O a king)
O: That's a king, Boo. Let me see your cards.
Boo: Here. (Picks up pile of cards she'd hidden under her knee.)
O: Boo! You're cheating! (Takes jack.)
Boo: I don't wanna play any more, I gonna go colour. (Stomps off in a huff.)
O: Hey, Bug, wanna play cards?
The Bug: Uppies.
O: Take a card, Bug.
The Bug: Uppies. Numnums. (Swats cards out of O's hand and tries to eat one.)
O: No, Bug, you can't eat the cards.
The Bug: Numnums! Uppies!
O: Bug, you got boggers on the cards!
The Bug: Numnum.


If not a mother... said...


Too bad Boo got bored... I loved that game 'round that age. Or so they tell me.

Anonymous said...

So, so sweet! They are adorable!

Christine said...

O seems like a great big sister.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Just wait until she tries to teach her poker.

kittenpie said...

That is hilarious. We've been trying to grasp game-playing starting with little kid games, but I hadn't thouight of fish yet. We should try that!

Angewl said...


O is a terrific big sister.

SUEB0B said...

Too funny.

Nicole P said...

Actually Laughing Out Loud. Deserved to be spelled out... :D

Lara said...

that's how all my games of "go fish" end, too. ;)

Kerri. said...

I loved this write-up. I actually felt like I was listening in on them, too. :)

Naomi said...

Your story reminded me of when my daughter was 8 she tried to teach Wild Child (he was 3) to play Candyland. Wild Child ripped up the game cards & stomped away, and Sensitive Girl was left crying on the floor. Ah, what fun. Those were the days.

Wait a minute... 3 years later & it is still happening...