Sunday, November 04, 2007

I Don't Mind Them When They're Clever (part 4)

Holy sweet suffering fuck, people. I am TIRED. My legs, they hurt. I no longer need to join a gym because I'm going up and down stairs roughly 60 times a day, either putting things away or trying to convince Boo and The Bug that sharing a room is, actually, a very good idea. They aren't buying it. And Boo wants nothing, NOTHING, to do with the toddler bed. So poor Bug is sleeping in the play pen right now and the women's shelter I was going to donate the crib to may be out of luck for now.

I need a massage. Badly.


elizasmom said...

Hey, welcome to the Big City! Glad you have made it more or less in one piece. And I have been enjoying these great ads you're finding. There are some very creative artists out there, clearly.

Josie said...

Love this ad.

Sorry to hear you're wiped out. Hopefully it will get a little better...even if the husband is going to be gone 5 days a week.

Anonymous said...

Take a break. The stuff will get put away sooner or later. When I move I'm knee deep in boxes for months... really, months. There's always tomorrow.

Paige said...

go get you a massage. seriously.

that commerical is just a tad bit creepy.