Monday, November 05, 2007

I May Never Eat Out Again

I'm taking a break from the commercials for a moment to bring you this little gem.

I love Gordon Ramsay. Any man who swears like that and can cook the way he does is ok in my book. His show, Kitchen Nightmares, has been a favourite of mine on BBCAmerica for a couple of years. He seems to have sold his soul to the devil known as Rupert Murdoch and the show has been brought to America. Of course it's bigger and brasher and faster and holy sweet suffering fuck, is it dirtier.

My skin has been crawling for an hour after watching this.

Sweet dreams.


Shannon said...

Gordon has another show on BBC America called "The F Word". He films from his restaurant, along with other segments on differenct subjects. It's almost like a variety show.

If you haven't caught it yet, it's a must see.

Penny Ratzlaff said...

I couldn't get all the way through that one. When he opened the box and all those roaches ran out, I was done.

It makes me never want to eat out again.

Anonymous said...

I got as far as the tomato. I think I am going to puke.

When is this show scheduled to air? I will have to keep Hubby away from the TV when it's on otherwise take-out and eating out will be a thing of the past!

OMG, I hope that some restaurants have higher standards than that!

TSintheC said...

Um, that is, by far, the grossest thing I have ever seen. Thank Gawd I haven't had lunch yet.

You probably just saved me thousands upon thousands of restaurant calories MB.


Beck said...

Of course, then I remember how filthy my kitchen is and don't feel all that much better.

Major Bedhead said...

Shannon - I watch the F Word all the time. Love the theme song for it and the show is great.

penny - I know, it took me a while to get thru that scene. My skin crawled for a good hour after. Blech.

themommykelly - Wednesday nights on Fox, either 8 or 9, I can't remember. I TiFaux it.

Hotfessional - You're welcome. I'm way cheaper than Weight Watchers.

Beck - You can't possibly have roaches and rats in your kitchen.

Unknown said...

Well, so much for lunch today! That was really, really disgusting! YUCK!

Josie said...

Love Gordon! Love Kitchen Nightmares!!
That was by and far the most disgusting thing I have ever seen...the man eating the tomato...gross.

Angewl said...

That was so freaking disgusting.

I saw that one, but missed the beginning.

elizasmom said...

Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww. The rotten tomato was actually worse than the cockroaches.

I have to wonder what the heck these restaurants are thinking, letting him in there. Even though they cleaned up their act, I would NEVER eat there.

LJ said...

The comments of some of the restaurant folk...
"He was really pissed"... gee I wonder why ya dumbfuck for serving THAT to people!

My goodness! I wasn't grossed out, I actually laughed at the reactions of Gordon's outrageousness.

Then you wonder where are the health inspectors??

Caro said...


The F-Word and Kitchen Nightmares are a couple of things on my pretty short) much watch list. I Love Gordon Ramsay too. (Although his face needs a good ironing to get the creases out!)

I'm glad there has not been anything quite like that on the UK version I only got a few seconds in to the bugs. If it came on TV, I'd probably have to turn off.

The one where the guy feeds Gordon a gone off Oyster and makes him puke is hilarious!

Lea said...

I just squealed so fucking loud, I scared the hell out of the cat! AHAHAAA...Gordon is hilarious. I love how he doesn't ever pull punches. It seems harsh, but he sure gets the job done.