Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Now he can divorce me

TCBIM got his unconditional residency today. It's good for 10 years and can be renewed every 10 years for life - as long as he doesn't commit an aggravated felony (so, he can divorce me, but if he kills me, they'll kick his ass back to Canada.)

On the way out of the interview, I asked him if he was going to apply for citizenship. "Yep," he said, "because then I can vote."

I am obviously an outstanding influence on the lad. Obviously.


In other news: What the FUCK is up with the Red Sox, man? Can they win against anyone? At all? Swept by the *spit* Yankees, lost to the Angels last night...what the fuck, man? We have no pitching and we have tons of injuries, but still. This sucks.


I have a big, long post that I'm hashing out, on the topic Her Bad Mother covered last week. A day late and a dollar short, that's me. But hey, I'm trying. And I have been kind of busy. I also have a cool book meme I'm working on.

I hate it when I get blog post ideas and don't have enough time to flesh them out. They sit there, in draft format, looking at me every time I log on, saying "Dood, what are you doing? Don't post that, finish me! C'mon! Don't leave me sitting here, dropping further and further down the page! Have some sympathy. Oh, and there she goes, posting something else. Bitch."

What? They do.


Washington Crunchy Mama said... crack me up, even though I don't think you're trying to! I *wish* my drafts said such interesting things to me. Congrats to TCBYM!

LJ said...

I don't doubt that they do that. Except I think they cuss a bit more at you. ;)
Hooray for TCBYM's residency!! And soon he'll be a bonafide American! Wonderful! One more vote counts!

Andrea said...

Um, didn't you, like, have a baby two weeks ago? And don't you, um, have FOUR kids? I can't believe you're even blogging, let alone keeping up on memes and HBM's child love group blog.

Those drafts will shut up when they get so far down the page you can't see them anymore. And if they don't, ply them with liquor. They'll be happy bitchers then.

Sandra Miller said...

I'm hearin' ya on the Red Sox lament.

Brace myself every time I check the damn online scoreboard-- mercifully (at least lately) few Sox games are televised out here.

rae ann said...

swear to god... my "draft posts" call me the same thing everytime i look their direction.

Debbie said...

yes. you're not busy at all. you have oodles of time for blogging. so you'd better feel guilty about those drafts.

that baby can totally take care of itself.


Chicky Chicky Baby said...

If we don't discuss the recent downward spiral of the Red Sox then maybe it will just go away. Don't speak of it, don't even think it. That whole Boston Massacre thing against NY didn't happen...

Major Bedhead said...

That's always been my Red Sox philosophy. Head in the sand. Keeps the heart from being ripped out, stomped on and made into a throw pillow. Again.

Guinness Man said...

I am TCBSM. I can't wait to vote, and thanks to all who support my sugar. I am also happy to be part of the system now, but it will stiil cost me another $400.00 to apply for citizenship. Go George W.(prick)