Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Another Day

It looks like we'll have to stay in the hospital until tomorrow. They are worried that she's going to get the group B strep infection that I had when I came in here and they need to get that cleared up before they'll let us go home. It can turn into sepsis or meningitis, so I'm fine with them getting that sorted out.

I'm waiting for the neo-natal doctor to come down. Hopefully I'll have more of an update later.


Vivian said...

Whatever it takes to make sure you two are going to be healthy. Take care and try to get some well deserved rest (I know that is hard in a hospital.) Thanks for keeping us updated.

floreksa said...

Hope then get it all cleared up soon!!!

A spent 5 days in the hospital with a suspected infection. Thankfully (if you can say that)I had a c-sect so I got to stay just as long.

Can't wait to see pics!

Anonymous said...

hope you are both keeping well


hope you can go home soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Vivian... whatever it takes. Hope it is all sorted out though, and you can get home tomorrow.

Looking forward to pictures!

Kat said...

My advice...take all the time you can at the hospital! As long as you can stand the food (remember that you don't have to cook it or clean the dishes...) because while you are there...you have nurses wisk the baby off for diaper changes fussy times etc....leaving you to catch-up (and STORE-up) on MUCH needed sleep! Thanks for keeping us informed!

Jess said...

Enjoy the time.
Where else will you have people turning lights on and off all the time, crappy food, and multitudes of people sweeping in, probing your belly and bits, and sweeping out?
It's Mommy Boot Camp!

Joke said...

Congrats & prayers!


Jamie said...

Julia - I'm just back from holidays, so I want to send you huge congratulations on the birth of your new daughter! I can't wait to see some pics of the little princess :)

Take it easy and thanks for the updates :)

Anonymous said...

I hope it all gets cleared up quickly. I'd spend as much time in the hospital as possible, too. Especially since you said your hubby is only taking 2 days off, this is your only chance to get some rest.

Now where are those pics?! ;)

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Yay! You had the baby! I can't wait to see the pictures of Charlotte Jane (great name, btw). Hope everything gets sorted out and you all get to go home soon.

LJ said...

sending get better vibes to you both. hopefully things get sorted out as soon as needed. (read, let them take thier time so you can rest!) what do the other kids think of baby CJ? and have they met her?