Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dolly Parton called. She wants her boobs back.

Hoooboy, I forgot how much it hurts to go from a 38 small C cup to a 40 if-I-try-I-can-squeeze-those-puppies-into-a-D cup. Ouch. I'm so engorged that The Bug is having a hard time latching on. I had TCBIM get my breast pump out of the attic, which should help that situation.

He's gone back to work, so today's the first test in the Let's See If Julia Loses Her Mind extravaganza. So far, The Boo is not a happy camper. She wants to sit in my lap. She wants to squeeze the baby. She just wants. The poor kid. I hope that the stuff I bought for her will help a little with this and that O can entertain her for the next couple of weeks, while she adjusts to this big change.

I'm driving all three girls to the doctor's today so The Bug can get checked out. This ought to be loads of fun. Good thing I got that anti-depressant refilled yesterday, huh?


Shannon said...

Oh I remember my Dolly-Parton-boob days.

The only redeeming quality was that they stuck out far enough to make me look like I didn't have a pudgy stomach.

I hated that I STILL couldn't sleep on my stomach.

J said...

Congrats Julia and poor you at the same time... just remember to breathe... welcome to the bug in the world and the boo should adapt over time .. hugs

bethany said...

so i'm a little late (like always) but the baby is beautiful! congrats. and tell O that I said hi and i miss her a lot - <3

Jamie said...

Memories of engorged boobs .... OUCH! I feel your pain - the pump should help relieve you. I, on the other hand, had a crappy one - I thought I was going to die LOL. It will settle down in time as the bug starts to eat more and more.

Good luck on your first day into the extravaganza. It's overwhelming at first, but you will fall into a routine :) (not that me saying that makes you feel any better right NOW - but just know things will get easier).

Good luck at the doc appointment.

Andrea said...

I had Dolly Parton boobs BEFORE I had kids. Post-reduction, I am so glad I don't have to deal with that anymore. At least you know the big 'uns are temporary.

I just want to know how she keeps those things so... perky. They defy gravity. Sometimes, I think they are filled with helium.

Michko said...

ah, i remember the first time at the doctor's office with three kids. glad you're all home and everyone is healthy!

motherbumper said...

Congrats on getting home and all looks great. I remember the first day my milk came in: I walked into the living room and announced that I looked like a porn star! Whoo hoo!

Erin M said...

Many congrats to you!!!!

You must document everything, I need someone to show me the way. I expect terrible sibling rivalry out of Tessa and hovering freakingout momminess from Mira

ps, not to stress you but your site only works for me in explorer

In firefox I can see pictures but zero text

Major Bedhead said...

That's weird. I use Firefox on this computer and it shows up fine.

Anonymous said...

oh, good god, the paaaaain of engorged boobs. is only eclipsed by the let-down when the boobs are already engorged.


hoping that you get through this crappy part real speedy-like.