Wednesday, August 02, 2006

In which I swear a lot about the heat

This is what's stuck in my head today. Why? Because, sweet suffering mother of fuck, it's hot. The heat index today? One hundred and FIFTEEN degrees. That? Is fucking ridiculous. I can't even go outside with The Boo because I'm afraid she'll keel over. Hell, I'm afraid I'll keel over, especially after hearing about that poor woman at Fenway Park the other night. Such a sad story.

I'm stuck in the house. We have no a/c so I have all the windows and curtains closed. All the fans going. And it's still too hot. I'm about ready to go check into a hotel. Or get in my car and drive until the sun goes down. I can't stand this heat. I'm a delicate, fragile flower. I need cooling breezes and mild temperatures. Not this shit.

I'm hoping they're keeping the kids cooled off at camp. O doesn't do well in this heat either. It seems like I'm going to be able to pick her up tomorrow - I'm just hoping the closing camp fire stuff doesn't take all freakin' night. They aren't starting until 6:30, which is ridiculous, since most people have a lot longer of a drive than I have. I doubt we'll get out of there before 8 p.m.. I don't know why they're holding it so late. I will not be there for the entire thing. I can't stand around for that long. Hopefully O will understand.


Kassie said...

Oh, the closing campfire conundrum. Start to early, and parents who live more than an hour away have to take off work to get there. Start too late, and families are driving home into the wee hours (and won't have time for a stop at Friendly's in Auburn!) Cut it short, and all the cute little things that the campers have planned get dropped.

I hope it is a short and sweet as possible, and that they have lots and lots of ice cold drinks throughout camp! And a chair for you at closing campfire. I think the health center has AC if you need a place to rest.

Stay cooool!!!

Lyrehca said...

Oy. Julia, can you hang out at a library? A local mall? Anywhere where you can go and sit where its air conditioned?

Anonymous said...

I am tooooo lazy to write you via email, I figured this is the quickest way. Why don't you and Isobel come over swimming tonight? If it is too hot to swim (pool water was 89 yesterday), we can go inside (central air-ahhh) and play with the kids:)
I don't want you to melt! I am home at 4:00 or so. Come on by!

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Wow, I hadn't heard that story about the woman at Fenway. Sad. Glad the baby survived.

Get to your friend's house and get in that pool. I just put my feet in mine, it's really warm but still cooler than the air. Until then I second what lyrehca said - get yourself to a library or mall. You need air conditioning.