Thursday, March 23, 2006

Julia, you ass.

Someone in Moscow found my blog by doing a search on Julia ass.

I'm listed just below Julia Bond, porn star and ass eater (ew). Nice.

This site meter stuff is strange. On the one hand, it satisfies my curiousity about who's visiting the site. On the other, it lets me see that about 50 people a DAY are stopping by. Which means I have a lot of lurkers - or people are just whipping thru on their way to someplace else.

There should be an equivalent of Kilroy Was Here for the blogosphere. Just a little tag to say you were here, but didn't feel like leaving a comment.


Christine said...

Megan was here.

Major Bedhead said...


Allison said...


I know *exactly* how you feel. I was addicted to finding out who was coming, when, from where, etc. But then I realized, I couldn't tell unless I examined is IP addresses and that's boring and ridiculous. So I deleted the counter. Now, if you want to make your presence known, you must COMMENT. Which nobody seems to know how to do on my blog.

But thanks for you comment last week. I appreciate it.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Scott was here.

Megan -- that was funny!

It's pretty amazing how many people swing by. 50/day is pretty good.

I use some free stat counter thingy, and a feature they have on their page is that you can see on a world map where the IP address is coming from. I think I had a visitor from Finland or Greenland or something crazy like that. It's pretty fun to look at.

Some of those search strings are nuts though aren't they?

Major Bedhead said...

That was the only really nutty one. Most of them are D bloggers or readers, since they come in from other D sites.

That was my first porn surf by. I'm so proud. *sniff*

Shannon said...

Until I hooked up the meter, I didn't think anyone really read my blog because I hardly get any comments, unless I answer back and then it looks like I've gotten a lot :)

Since Tuesday, I've gotten 316 visits! I guess I'm not such a loser after all, LOL.

Anonymous said...

One of the people who keeps swinging by multiple times a day is probably me. I have a disturbing tendency to hit 'Open in tabs' several times a day, thus opening every single d-blog at once several times a day. I keep meaning to stop it, but it is a habit I have acquired through news sites! (If these means nothing to you, you need to download Firefox. Do it. Today!)

Lately the vast majority of searches on my site have been linked in some way to digestive biscuits! Just yesterday though I had a search for TCBIM - linking to a comment left by you, of course!

I don't get a lot of comments either, but Shannon had the honour of posting my 100th comment a week or so ago.

J said...

ha ha Julie was here

Shannon said...

Don't I get a prize for that? ;)

Anonymous said...

Kilroy was here.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting (*cough*) about 190 visitors a day, and you can bet nothing like that many comments. I think the average is about 10 lurkers for every commenter, which seems about right, though it really varies. Some hugely popular blogs in terms of readership hardly ever have commenters; some blogs with five daily readers have five daily commenters.

I like to keep tabs just b/c I've had issues with certain lurkers in the past--stealing photos of Frances, for instance, or posting things on other websites to criticize me without having to actually, you know, tell me directly. So it makes me feel better. But I admit that I often wonder who the lurkers are!

art-sweet said...

I have a serious sitemeter addiction.

I've started tracking what states people come from. The only ones I'm still missing are:

Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Idaho, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Have I mentioned that I'm a big dork?

Kerri. said...

The statcounter thing is wild. It's amazing how detailed the information is. And it's amazing how often people Googling "pink sweatpants" end up at my blog. I've had mine since last November and the results always make me laugh -- some lurkers come completely out of no where.

Statcounter has also given me the means to see if Chris and my brother are really reading my blog, as claimed.

Turns out they are. Damn it. Now I can't write trashy things about them.

Unless it's in code...