Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A whole lotta nothin'

Random crap.

I need to find out why I'm so fucking tired all the time. I eat well - lots of fruits and whole grains and veggies and protein. I take a good pre-natal vitamin. I get 7 or 8 hours of sleep most nights, sometimes more. And yet, I feel like I'm on death's door by noon. I'm afraid I'm going to crash my car when I'm driving home because I can barely keep my eyes open. I talked to the OB nurse about it and she was pretty dismissive. I'm either going to have to figure out how to work from home or TCBIM is going to have to get a high-paying second job because I just can't do this any more. I'm too tired to function properly.

My mother's stupid cat has broken four of my dishes and took a big old shit on my couch. She had better be bringing me back some fancy-assed presents from her month in Italy because I'm about ready to kill this animal. And I LIKE cats. TCBIM, not so much. He's ready to chuck the cat outside.

I have heartburn. I never have heartburn. Ever. But now, 21 weeks into this pregnancy, I feel like a dragon. I'm chewing Tums like they're going out of style.

I need a vacation. Somewhere where I can just go and sit and be and not think about anything or anyone or have to be anywhere. I need to decompress. I need the beach or a big park or someplace where I can just lie in the sun and not think for a few days. By myself.

I think we bought The Money Pit. We found out that three of the radiators leak - one of them pretty seriously. The boiler also leaks. Leaking boilers = very, very expensive, apparently. And the tub and sub-flooring in the bathroom need replacing. TCBIM is in plumbing and can do most of the work himself, but still. Boilers? Not cheap. Steam radiators? Not in plentiful supply. Fan-fucking-tastic. Do we have any money? Like fuck we do. It's giving me a big headache and making me get all panicky and breathless to think of the expense.

But I did get Joke's cook book - thanks, Joke. Once I stop living off Ramen Noodles and Kraft Dinner, I'll be able to cook like I grew up in the North End.

Edited to add: I just got this link from someone and it's improved my mood immeasurably.


Ellen said...

Did they run thyroid tests on you?

Sorry about the money pit...btdt. Did you have it inspected before the purchase and did the inspector find those things? Did the seller disclose?

Major Bedhead said...

Yeah, I'm on thyroid meds already and my levels were done 2 months ago. I suppose it could be that, though.

We did have it inspected. The inspector told us about the bathroom floor and he saw one mildly leaking radiator. The boiler he missed totally. I'm going to find the paperwork from him tonight and see if there's anything I can do about it. I doubt it, it never seems to work that way.

Joke said...



P.S. In my experience, the tiredness is natural, esp. given how little rest you are getting. You are NOT hgetting enough sleep at 7-8 hours a night.

Anonymous said...

Our house is the same way--we moved in almost exactly one year ago and we've already had to replace the furnace. We found mold in teh front room windows. The deck out back needs to be rifinished because some of the boards are rotting. And we seriously put just about every penny we had into the downpayment, so it's not like we have cash around to fix all this stuff.

Home ownership is seriously stressful.

Jamie said...

Julia - I'd check the thyroid once again. I have thyroid disease and I know when I was pregnant with both kids they followed it really closely - it doesn't take much to send it out of whack, and pregnancy can do just that.

If it's ok, I'd just say it's just being pregnant - it takes a lot out of a person AND you have a lot on your plate right now - stress definately cannot be helping the situation at all.

I'm with you on getting away for a few days - alone. I think I could go for something like that myself *sigh*. If I win the lottery, I'll send you on a trip .... and I'll be staying in the resort right next to yours :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like anemia to me.
Ask duh nurse what your last hemoglobin was and should they recheck it.

You can also ask if it's OK to add an iron supplement and be sure you take your iron with a glass of orange juice.
See if that helps.

Anonymous said...

I have a completely unrelated question for you:

A friend of mine is part of a network of home daycare providers, and one of her friends has a little boy in her care who was just diagnosed with type 1. My friend was looking for resources to pass on to her to inform and educate her about how to provide care for a type 1 boy and what to expect. I know a lot about livign with type 1, but not much about caring for a child with it--are there any great resources you know of? Either online or off? Things you wish your daughter's teachers and caregivers knew?

Major Bedhead said...

I'll email you some stuff I have, andrea. You can point her at childrenwithdiabetes.com to start with. There's a ton of info there, but it can be a bit tough to navigate thru it.

There's also a Taking Diabetes To School booklet that you can print off - I can't remember the site, but if you google that, you'll find it. It's long, but it's useful.

Carolyn said...

Hi Julia,

I hope you are feeling brighter real soon and that you get some good quality rest. I know this is an old wives tale, but they say when you have heart burn your unborn child has a head full of hair - how true that is who knows??????

Take Care

Shannon said...

I see Anon already mentioned anemia...that is precisely what I thought when I read your post.

I would call this week and set up an appointment to get a blood test...yes, yet another, right?

Heartburn's a bitch. I had it from my 7th month on during each of my pg's. Tums were my best friends.

Major Bedhead said...

I'm going to the doctor's tomorrow and will ask about anemia. I'm also going to ask to have my thyroid levels checked.

Carolyn - I had unbelievable heartburn with Isobel and she's still pretty bald. I can't put much store in that old wive's tale, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

I have a blood disorder called Beta thalassemia. It was misdiagnosed as anemia late in my pregnancy. I was extremely lethargic and fatigued, especially within the final months. Taking iron can make it worse. It is a long shot, but if they cannot find any answers you could ask them to check for it.

Cold soy milk always helped with my acid reflux.

floreksa said...

As for the tiredness and heartburn...Sorry no help here. I had heartburn so bad with A that just looking at a glass of water would flare it up.

For the house....Check the grade he gave the boiler. I believe that if he gave it a "passing" grade with no mention of no warranty, that you'd have a case. When we bought our house, the inspector told us that the furnace and hot water heater were both functional, but that he would not warrant them and the inspection states so. Furnance blew New Yrs day a yr or 2 later (THAT was fun!) and hot water heater went 4 yrs later.