Tuesday, March 14, 2006

These Are The People In Your Neighbourhood

Saturday, I got to meet a little slice of the OC. It was very, very cool. I wish Olivia had been able to come along, but she decided she'd rather go to a birthday party. Next time....

Everyone was fantastic. It was incredible to meet these people, knowing it was for the first time, and yet feel like they were old friends. I didn't have one twinge of nervousness and usually I a mess before meeting someone new. A group of new people usually has my stomach in knots and my knees knocking. This was like sliding into a comfy cardigan.

Shannon's kids are adorable and would run me ragged. Brandon was a gap-toothed cutie with an eye for the ladeeeees. Her other two are little blonde bundles of energy. And Shannon and her husband are lovely people.

Nicole is funky and funny and had a cool hat that fascinated Isobel. In fact, Isobel was pretty taken with Nicole, period. Toddled off with her without so much as a backwards glance.

Lyrecha is slender, tall and blonde and was a great conversationalist - I really enjoyed talking with her. And her engagement ring is stunning.

Kerri. Man, Kerri is just too cute. Blonde, cute, tiny, gorgeous teeth, beaming grin, funny as all hell and genuinely nice. It would be very hard not to like Kerri.

I had a great time meeting everyone. I really hope we can do it again, soon.


Kerri. said...

Geez Julia. You are way too nice... but my parents will definitely appreciate the teeth comments. They did pay, as they put it, "an inordinate amount" to have my teeth trapped in braces for three years. I'm happy to know it was worth it. :)

It was such a pleasure meeting you and Isobel. I can't wait to finally meet O.

Sandra Miller said...

Julia, sounds like a lovely afternoon.

So sad we couldn't join you all...

Lyrehca said...

Hey Julia, thanks for the slender shout out. Believe me, the height-weight charts say otherwise. It was a pleasure to meet and chat with you, and everyone, as well. Gotta go blog about it tonight...And you definitely don't have to get all worried about meeting me. I'm harmless!

Shannon said...

Jeff asked me if I was nervous about meeting you all, and I said no. It was all so effortless.

I can't wait for the next meeting too:)