Friday, March 31, 2006

Stick it in your ear?

O has been complaining of her arms hurting her - I think they're fried from her sites. The skin is a bit pink and the insertion places are taking a long time to heal. There's considerable hypertrophy going on, too.

The problem is that she will only use her stomach. And only an area about three fingers high and a palm wide. She won't use the top of her butt and after tearing out a leg site, won't do those either. I've convinced her to go a bit higher up on her tummy, but still, those are going to blow out soon, too. There's just not much space left on her.

So where else can she do them? I'm thinking, with warmer weather, of trying to get her to try a thigh site again, but she's very resistant to this idea. If anyone has any good ideas or methods of persuading an extremely strong-willed 11 year-old in this matter, I would appreciate them.


J said...

Yeah she sound like me at 11 I would only use my stomatch as well this is a toughy try to convince her to just move away from the hypertophy area even a little cuz it really does not absorb and it will mess up her readings maybe even a little away and each few days move a bit farther. Poor her and you this is not an easy thing she likes it cuz it does not hurt in the hypertorphy areas I did not understand this until I was older,, I hope it works out

Shannon said...

I wish I could help. I'm going to be checking in here to seek some advice too.

Kerri. said...

I did the sites in my abdomen for the first seven months I was on the pump. It hurt there for me, both to insert and to bolus. A lot. It was uncomfortable underneath my clothes. I've since moved to my thigh and experience little to no pain when inserting the infusion set. I also have enough of an area to really rotate through (sometimes I go as high as my upper hip or as outside as the back of my leg). Granted, it looks a little bit like I have bedbugs because of all those little dots, but I prefer those battle scars on my thigh vs. on my stomach.

If Olivia were inclined to want to ask me, shoot me an email. I'm Pro-Thigh Infusion Set.

Nicole P said...

Julia -
I wish I could be of more help. I'm a real hip and stomach site girl, myself. Ever since I was a strong-willed 11 year old myself...

Kerri -
I have a few questions about thigh injecting -- does the tubing get tangled when you have your site there? I'm having visions of pulling it out while getting dressed, exercising, going to the bathroom...

Kerri. said...

Nicole - When I get dressed, I clip the pump to my bra as soon as I can. I dress and then move the pump to either my pocket or wherever it's hiding that day. I use the 24" tubing and, being sort of short, have no issue in that regard.

I take my pump off when I exercise, unless I'm high. And in that case, it's clipped to my shorts and the wire is tucked in, too. No problem.

The bathroom thing is a little tricker. It gets tangled in my underwear all the time. But once I was used to it being there, I didn't rip it out when I took off my clothes and it didn't plummet to the floor. After about a week, it became second nature to account for it.

And, to be frank, it works better for intimacy for me. It's there on my thigh and it's hardly bothered, vs. the abdomen site where it becomes ... unsettled.

Blushing now for no reason. :)

Does that help?

Major Bedhead said...

"It works better when I'm high."

Dooods. It's a good thing I know what you're talking about, otherwise I'd have to wonder about your extracurricular activities.

Thanks, Kerri, I'll talk to Olivia about it. I shall, however leave out the intimacy stuff, since she's only 11.

Sandra Miller said...


We rotate abs and hips-- Joseph is VERY thin, so we're really limited.

And (like Olivia) he absolutely refuses to do a butt site.

On his hips we use a small area (about 3 inches all around). Have you tried the hips with Olivia?

Good luck with this... I really dread the day when we too start experiencing this kind of site issue.

Anonymous said...

Out of all the infusion sites I use, (stomach, hips, butt, thighs) I find the stomach the most painful to insert.

Actually, scratch that... the most painful ever was the one time I tried a Quick Set in my arm. Anyone who can put a site in their arm, can put one anywhere, I'm certain of it!

I am a big advocate of butt sites, because they are the most completely out of the way. I tend to catch thigh sites on my clothes more often, and stomach sites are obviously right there. But then, when I was diagnosed stomach injecting was frowned upon, so I spent several years with butt and thigh injections only. My thighs were kept for ones I did myslef, and my parents used my butt. So I guess it may be a case of what you are used to. Oh, and no one sees the 'battle scars' there!

I'm not really sue how to persuade a strong willed 11 year old, but I would guess she needs to have an incentive to do it. If it gets to a point where her control is being affectd and she feels c**p, that may be incentive enough.

Anonymous said...

Funny how they get attached to certain sites and won't try others. I don't like the idea of the thigh or arm sites myself, but ask her to reconsider the fat pads above the buttocks and below the waist area. Those are the only sites E. uses at present; when we have to change, she'll have to try the stomach (she is very resistant to trying this). Look for the fat pads; they have been very comfortable. You don't want to go too low or too much over to the side. Good luck.

bethany said...

let's see ... i use: my tummy (last resort,) my arms, my thighs, and my lower back ... I absolutely refuse to use my butt. I tried a site in bottom once - and i hated it. I thought it was the most horrible thing in the whole world. I really really like my lower back, like right above my butt. That's probably my favorite place, other then my thigh. With my thighs I never feel anything. At camp this summer all the girls in the cabin wouldn't do anything other then their bottoms - so we played a little game - if they would try a new site area then i'd try a new site area with them. Tell Olivia if she'll try a new place I will too - lol. Good Luck! and Tell her I said hi - ooo what sessions is she coming to camp???

Major Bedhead said...

I think she's going to try for the second session. I still have to send in the campership info.

I will tell her that - maybe it will work!!

Nicole P said...

I'll try a new site too, Julia. I'd even be willing to give the thigh a go (even though the idea of it actually scares me a bit) - if she'll try it with me.

Let me know.


Nicole P said...

And PS... You know everything works better when I'm high... Har har har.

Jen said...

I'm coming in this a little late...sorry. I know I'm 19, not 11, but I am also resistant to try a thigh site after a bad experience. I just can't make myself do it. Part of my problem is that I don't know where exactly on the thigh I can stick a quick-set. I don't know if you are into bribery or not, but it could work. I think if I had another reason to try the thigh again, more than just "I should try it" I would. But then again, I'm a college student, and I'm flat broke. Heck, I'd even do it if I knew it would convince an 11 year old girl to do it.

Anonymous said...

do you use the numbing cream? My son wouldn't let us put the pump in his stomach until we got the numbing cream (It works, I burned my finger on the stove and snitched some cream!) Prior to the cream, my son would only use his behind for pump sites - and his BS were creeping up because of the site saturation.... You need a script for the cream but it is worth it.