Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Attack Of The Memes

Since the illustrious Badger is meme-stealing, I have no qualms about joining her. Took a while, but here it is:

Put your iMP3podwinampiTunes thingy on random and answer the following questions, in order, with the songs that come up.

What's missing from my life?
Falls To Climb - REM
"Someone has to take the fall.
Why not me?"
So, not guilt. That's a load off.

Will I find love?
Fa Fa - Guster
Hmm. The chorus says Never be the same again. Maybe?

Will I become rich?
Dakota - Stereophonics
If I have to go to one of the Dakotas or name my child Dakota in order to get rich, then I'll stay poor, thanks.

Does someone have a crush on me?
When You Come Back Down - Nickel Creek
Whatever this may mean re: a crush, y'all should download this song right away. It's only fantastic.
"When you're soarin' through the air
I'll be your solid ground
Take every chance you dare."

What's my favourite sexual position?
Smooth - Santana.
The song gets me all hot and bothered, so Smooth must be a good position to have.

Am I good-looking?
It Had To Be You (Instrumental) - Harry Connick Jr.
That's a yes, then.

What makes me most happy?
Sea Of No Cares - Great Big Sea
Good one. I do love the ocean. No cares is unrealistic, but it would definitely make me happy.

What's my biggest regret?

Out Of The Woods - Sinead Lohan
I got nothing here.

How will I die?

We Didn't Start The Fire - Billy Joel
Good. Fires scare the shit out of me.

Do I act my age?
Unforgettable - Nat King Cole
Well, if I do, at least I'm memorable.

What type of tatoo should I get?
Girls On Film - Duran Duran.
Cool. Maybe I'll get a Nagel chick. That I know, without looking it up, who that is really is testament to my age. Oy.

What is my spirit/animal guide?
No Woman, No Cry - Sublime

Do I like pain?
England - 2, Columbia - O, Kirsty McColl
HAH! Can I get a Hell, Yeah?
"It is not in my nature to ever pick the winning team
Sometimes I think I'm happy then I remember it's a dream
Now it isn't in my nature to ever pick a winner
I always pick a bastard who would have me for his dinner"

Is there anyone else out there like me?
Trying To Reason With Hurrican Season - Jimmy Buffett
Yes, as long as they're full of hot air and lots of drama.

Do I love to party?
What Can Never Be - Sinead Lohan
Well, given that I'm pregnant and will be breastfeeding after that, this is apt.

Where should I move to?
Deacon Blues - Steely Dan
I should move to a smoky, seedy nightclub. I'll save you a seat on the banquette.

Will I ever be President?
The Broad Majestic Shannon - The Pogues
Not unless I move to Ireland.

What is fun for me?
Star Me Kitten - REM
"Just fuck me kitten
You are wild and I'm in your possesion
Nothing's free so, fuck me kitten
I'm in your possesion
So, fuck me kitten"
Michael Stipe saying fuck. That's fun.

Will I ever learn to fly?

Sweet Afton - Nickel Creek
A Robert Burns poem, set to music. It's not flying, so much as meandering. Meandering is good.

What is my superpower?
Love Is The Seventh Wave - Sting
So what are my other six superpowers, then?

Will I be successful?
This Is Planet Earth - Duran Duran
Apparently, I'm The Brain and I WILL Take over the world. Excellent.

How often do I get angry?
Up The Junction - Squeeze
Only when I'm knocked up. Which is SUCH a LIE!

What is my favourite thing to do?
I Know What I Know - Paul Simon
Trivial Pursuit. Correct.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I love yours!

BTW, the secret code to verify that I'm human this time is "gdyamu." Good thing I'm not the sensitive type.