Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wicked Smaht

I am, too, because this test says so.

I got 28 right in about 20 minutes. I haven't finished yet, and may just give up in frustration, but hey, if the interweb thingy says I'm smart, then it must be true. Right? Just say yes. It'll make life so much easier if you just agree with me.


floreksa said...

Ok, it took 45 minutes, but I'm finally a genuis at something!!! LOL

Jess said...

Haven't I called you astonishing already, smart girl?

Angewl said...

I always knew you were a genius!!

There was 1 there, that I could never figure out.

There was one mis-spelled. I
KNEW it was right. Even double checked the dictionary and KNEW Iw as spelling it right. Their spelling was different.

Joke said...

Your blog looks template-less. Why?


Joke said...

So wicked smaht you won the cookbook!

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