Wednesday, February 14, 2007


TCBIM just called me from SC. He claims that it's freezing down there - it's 50. So, y'know, shut UP, bastid. 'cause up here? Ice. Snow. Then more ice and now, freezing rain. I can't get out of my driveway and even if I could, they haven't plowed the road yet, so I'm stuck. Fun.

In addition to puking up blood (still), he now has a numb right leg. He says it feels like it's asleep. Great. I made him call the doctor. I'm starting to get really concerned.

No Valentine's Day stuff for us this year. He's out of town and I'm too tired. I bought him a card, which I'll give him tomorrow when he gets home. I may try to do a nice dinner for Friday night, since he's not getting in until later tomorrow. I might even attempt to bake something. Maybe cheesecake. Chocolate swirl cheesecake. Mmmmm. But we'll see how adventurous I feel. Right now, not at all.

Boo's bg was 90 this morning, so it looks like that was just a blip. She thinks it's hysterical to check her blood sugar. She was walking around earlier, saying "I tek my shuggah." She laughs when I stick her. I'm going to keep an eye on her because I do worry about it. More than is probably healthy, in fact.

I really wish TCBIM had skipped this conference. I'm worried about him. A lot.


Anonymous said...


I don't think anyone blames you for worrying around the Boo's shuggah... - I certainly don't. I LOVE that kid.

Those are worrisome symptoms the hubby is having. Do you think the doc will have him go to an ER down there? Where is he in SC?


Kerri. said...

I would worry, too. I test my nephew when his parents aren't looking. (And hopefully they aren't reading your blog.)

Now I'm worried about TCBYM. He needs to get himself to a doctor, right quick, and at least rule out all these worries. I hope he's okay.

Penny Ratzlaff said...

I'm glad Boo's sugar was in range this morning.

And, you need to get TCBIM to the doctor. Drug him if you have to and drag him there.

Keep us updated

Lyrehca said...

50 degrees is cold. Please. I just dragged myself home in the rain and ice and snow and felt like I've run a marathon. A cold miserable one.

Indeed, make the man go to the doc when he returns. Don't know if you've consulted Dr. Google, but blood and numbness doesn't sound good.

And glad to hear the Boo's sugar is 90. Ah, 90.

OhTheJoys said...

Sending you love... and sister... it's only going to be FORTY here tomorrow! (Shiver).

If not a mother... said...

Glad to hear the Boo seems OK. Hope TCBYM sees a doc as soon as he gets home!

I was thinking about you when I heard about all the snow your area is getting. Almost e-mailed you from work, even. (Then I got hella busy, sorry.)

Major Bedhead said...

Lyrecha - I did check Dr. Google. All of his symptoms can be a variety of things. Gastritis, ulcer, celiac, Chron's or stomach cancer. This is why I don't like Dr. Google so much. The fucker freaks me out.

Shannon said...

That TCBIM better get his ass to a doctor.

As for Boo, I really hope it was a blip, but it's smart to check her anyway (I personally don't think you're worrying too much because I do the same thing).

As for Google, I looked up a birth defect that a neurologist wants to test me for.....ignorance is bliss, but Google doesn't believe that.

Joke said...

Get TCBYM to a doctor....yesterday.


Angewl said...

Did he call the DR?? Hopefully its nothing serious.

Too cute about what Boo was saying. Glad it was in the normal range this AM.

It's like 16 here today. yuck. Cold. We have to go out when K gets off work, too. waaahhhh.... okay, I will stop my whining now. lol

Bec said...

A cosy 28 here today - Celsius, that is!

Hope that by tonight you have all your loved ones home and healthy.

Anonymous said...

Whew, You've had quite the week since I made it here last. I'm all caught up on reading and first off, I'll say Nice Haircut! It's always fun to put a face with the name and voice I'm reading. I hope TCBIM is alright and you'll keep us posted. Maybe this is all partially related to the piss poor cold and gloomy weather that keeps getting you over and over. I know that does me in and all I want to do is sleep. Anyway, Hang in there - I'm pulling for you, and I'll bet that everyone else here is too.

Sharon said...

Hoping for an update... and that TCBYM is okay and/or home.