Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I Got The Working Man's Blues

TCBIM was working.

I hate his job sometimes. He's in sales, so he's out late into the evening a lot, often not getting home until 8 p.m., long after the babies are in bed. Twelve hour days are not uncommon for him. Plus he tends bar two nights a week and picks up the odd side job now and again. I don't see much of him and when I do see him, he's generally snoring. Understandably.

We stayed up until after 2 last night, talking. I talked to him about my frustration with his job. The problem is that when I do talk about that, he gets very defensive. I keep explaining that I know this is the downside to what is a pretty good, well-paying job. I am not telling him to find another job. I'm just frustrated. When he asks me what's wrong, I tell him. I can't help it if he doesn't always like the answer.

It bothers me that his phone is ringing all the time. Customers have no qualms about calling him at 9 at night because their heat isn't working. He's a salesman, not a technician. It drives me nuts - I'd probably tell them to fuck off, but he keeps his calm and talks them off the ledge. I would suck at his job. I'm...ah...not really a people person.

So. Yeah. All is relatively well. Crisis averted. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.

In other news, I have an interview with a temp agency on the 19th. *gulp* I have to call day care providers today. *double gulp*


LJ said...

I *knew* iut was nothing to get your panties in a bunch for. Poor overworked guy. Poor stressed out mom. Perhaps when you start working he could slack a little and come home a wee bit earlier. Have a great day!

bethany said...

I'm glad you found him ;-)

And good luck with the Temp Agency! I'm sure everything will work out!!! And if I lived in Mass I'd offer to watch the girls for you, but considering I live 8 hours away in NY I think that it would be too long of a drive for me every day :-p


Lara said...

i'm glad he came safely home, but i can understand the frustration. i think it's good that you're honest with him about it, though, especially if you're explaining that it's frustration without demanding a change. it keeps communication open, and makes it so you don't feel you're holding everything in all the time.

good luck with the interview! and even more good luck with the daycare search! :)

Christine said...

Glad to hear he was ok. Sorry it's frustrating :( My dad works a lot too, so I kinda know what your family is going through.

cc said...

searching madly for an "o". found a "boo" and a "bug" and a "TCBIM"... hmm, who is the mysterious "O" i wonder...

Major Bedhead said...

O is my daughter. She's 12 and has had type 1 since she was almost 3.

Bec said...

Glad you got the chance to talk it out - even at the expense of sleep.

We have similar pinnacles of frustration - but both of us work full-time so the blast can come from either direction!

Good luck with the transition to work, your post below about missing the wiggles brought back some painful memories about my many babies, too.