Friday, February 09, 2007

Enough already

Ok, enough is enough. It's very sad that Anna Nicole Smith is dead. She led a train wreck kind of life and seems to have had a train wreck kind of death, but seriously, wrap it up. MSNBC ran TWO hours of coverage on her. Yes, it's sad, and yes, she was interesting, in a tabloid, People Magazine kind of way, but come on. Two hours?? Gimme a break. Like there's nothing else going on in the world, we need to devote two hours to Anna Nicole Smith?

I'm just so sick of this cult of celebrity. It never ends. The media creates these stories, I swear, to distract us from the more serious stuff that's going on in the world. Five US helicopters got shot down during the past week in Iraq but what is the Senate discussing? Nancy Pelosi's plane. And, of course, the oh-so-dignified debate on the debate on the non-binding resolution to pull the troops out of Iraq. Fuck's sake, people, do your damned jobs and stop acting like squabbling toddlers.

Scooter Libby's trial is getting good - lots of juicy details and not-so-surprising information coming out of that, but what was the lead off story on most news casts last night? Anna Nicole Smith. Not. News. It's a 3 minutes puff piece at the end of the half hour, not the lead-off story.

I tell you what, when I rule the world, things'll be different, dammit. No more celebrity news on CNN. No more TomKat stories. No more Paris Hilton sex tapes. No more of Britney's HooHaa. Confine that shit to the tabloids and E! Channel. Leave it off the legitimate news.

I am a grumpy fuck today.


Anonymous said...

I'll vote for you as leader of the world if you also agree to scrap celebrity TV shows [like Big Brother], celebrity magazines, and promise to force feed that Beckham bint until she's 30 stone.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem, and I'm as guilty as any, is the we reason MSNBC ran two hours on Nicole Smith is because we sat there and watched it. It's all about ratingx and until we start changing the channel or turning off the TV, it's not going to change.

LJ said...

Do you watch CBS news? I used to love them that is until Katie Couric came on. She creeps me out in a way. Am I the only one to think this? I think she's botoxed her face so much it scares me.

When you rule the world, I hope that I'm minister of crafts. Please??

Estelle said...

AJ's grandmother actually called her at work to tell her that. Um... why?
She's dead. Very sad for her family. Not the entire free world. I feel sorry for her daughter to grow up without her mother. But I also feel sorry for her for getting stuck with a fucked up named like Dannielynn... I think my sorrow over the motherless child is a bit more than the bad name, but I had to think on it for a bit.

Lili said...

Anonymous, unless you're a Nielsen family (you would know if you were), whether you watch or don't watch something doesn't affect ratings at all. :(

If not a mother... said...

AMEN! (yet again)