Saturday, June 10, 2006

Saturday stuff

Wheyhey, it's raining again. It's only the eleventy-third day in a row. Just LOOK at the mushrooms in my backyard. O was out there last night, catching tiny little frogs. And the mosquitos could carry away a small child. My garden has pretty much rotted in the ground.

I had to chaperone a field trip again. On Wednesday. During a nor'easter. My mind has not fully recovered enough to post about it. It involved mud, rain, hail, gale-force winds and the Freedom Trail. It wasn't pretty. I don't know how I get suckered into these things (oh wait, yes I do, I have a kid with a medical issue) but let me tell you, I do NOT enjoy it. I do it and I'll continue to do it, but I reserve the right to bitch mightily about it.

So, TCBIM started a blog. And I came up with the title. And now I'm pissed because I'm going to start writing something and I want that for my title. So. Do I ask for the title back? Do I use it anyway? Blogs aren't copyrighted, are they? And if I came up with the name in the first place, shouldn't it be mine to use? Listen to me, like my husband is going to sue me for taking the title of his blog.

I want to get a new blog template. I'm sick of the ones available on the site but I don't want to shell out a lot of money for one. However, I know what I want and the freebie/low cost ones just aren't cutting it - at least, not the ones I've seen. So, if anyone has any links to template sites, I'd appreciate it. Also, does anyone know how difficult it is to learn to design templates? Keeping in mind I know nothing about programming/code or any of that. I'm willing to learn, to a degree.

My last day of work is Wednesday. I cannot wait. The commute is kicking my ass - 120 miles a day is not fun. Ever. To celebrate, on Thursday, I'm going to get my hair highlighted. It desperately needs it. I should get a facial or something, too, because everyone keeps telling me I look tired, which, as we all know, is a euphemism for OLD. And I do look old. Or tired. My face is dry, I have huge circles under my eyes and my skin just looks meh. Lotions and potions tend to make it freak out (since I am a delicate, fragile flower. Shut UP.) so I'm a little nervous about it. As well, I probably shouldn't be spending the money, what with not having a paycheck after next Friday.

This is a very random post. I'm feeling more scatterbrained than usual today. And in a few hours, I have to go stand in a soggy soccer field to watch O play. Oh frabjous day.


Major Bedhead said...

Ok, blogger is really pissing me off. I don't know why I can't get this stupid thing to work correctly. Maybe designing my own blog is a bad idea if I can't even operate this thing properly.

Willow said...

Yes - blogger has been quite touchy lately.

This post was lovely. I have no idea why. Enjoy the self-pamering and worry about the money after the bills arrive (horrible advice, I know, but we all need to be pampered sometimes).

If not a mother... said...

you deserve to be pampered!

we were in Boston the week before Memorial Day last year when it was really crappy - rainy and cold, so I feel for you. (Well all over N. England the two weeks before Memorial Day weekend. and most of it was crappy weather.) BUT I STILL ENVY people who get to go to Boston any time possible. heh.

Angewl said...

I wish I could help with the templates, but I am totally clueless.

I am sorry about your garden, I know you were excited about it.

You deserve to pamper yourself, you are long overdue. ENJOY!