Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Errant Dog Part II

So, the dog has a dislocated hip. At least that's what Skanky Vet Clinic thinks is wrong with her. The vet at Skanky Clinic also said "I do not recommend that you have this taken care of here." Ok then. I'll just be taking my dog elsewhere.

I then called Nice, Clean, Highly Recommended Clinic and they will see her tomorrow. It will cost $300 for x-rays and then they'll tell me how much more it will cost to fix the dislocation. It could be $500, it could be $1200.

The problem is we don't have the money. We barely have the money to get the x-rays done. TCBIM wants to have the dog either put down or give her to a shelter. Both of these ideas make me sick to my stomach, and I honestly don't think a shelter is going to take an injured dog.

I'm taking her NCHR Clinic tomorrow to get the x-rays and then we'll see.

This fucking sucks.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh man. That does suck.

I was serious about donating - though I don't think I could do anything substantial (meaning more than $10-$15 bucks).

And I really didn't mean to make light of the situation in my last comments. It's a seriously sucky situation and I feel for you.

Some places will do a payment plan - that maybe wouldn't help much, might buy you some time at least.

Then you can beg for help from all of your faithful readers. I'm in for $10 (hey, every little bit helps!)

graymama said...

I could give $10, too. If everyone could give a drop then your bucket would be full :-)


floreksa said...

If its the MSPCA, I'm almost positive that they will work something out with you.

Pet Care Fund

HUGS!! I really hope they can help.

Joke said...

I could kick in a few bucks also!