Thursday, June 22, 2006


The damned dog saga continues. I took her to a vet that someone recommended. I had explained our financial dilemma to the woman at the desk and again to the vet when we got there. The vet was very nice and seemed very understanding of the situation. The upshot was that we'd pay for the x-rays and then go from there. We couldn't really tell anything without those, so TCBIM and I talked about it and agreed to the x-rays as a first step.

The vet said she was going to do the x-rays and she would call me and let me know. Well, she DIDN'T call me, she just went ahead and put the dog's leg back in its socket. It took her an hour and the dog was under general anesthesia the whole time. I'd given her $300 because that was going to be roughly the charges for the x-rays. Well, because she went ahead and treated the dog, without my permission, I now have to cough up another $400! Today. And the kicker is that the fucking procedure probably won't work! There's a very high chance that the leg will come out of socket again and then the dog will have to have surgery. We had discussed this before the dog even had one x-ray! That's why I just wanted the x-ray done, so I could decide what we were going to do next. Now I'm out $700 to this damned vet and it's most likely a big waste of money. I don't understand why she did the procedure without calling me first. TCBIM came home and called them, but the vet was already gone. He explained the situation to the woman at the desk, who seemed concerned that the vet hadn't called to ok the procedure. He's going to talk to the office manager this morning.

I'm so angry. It's not that I didn't want the dog treated, it's that I didn't want to PAY for a procedure that multiple vets have told me most likely wouldn't work. Including THIS vet that did the stupid procedure in the first place.

And can I just say? SEVEN fucking HUNDRED dollars? For four x-rays and a manipulation of a socket back into joint? I understand that I'm paying for her expertise and time, but for fuck's sake. Seven hundred dollars? I should have been a fucking vet, like I wanted to back when I was ten.


If not a mother... said...

sorry to hear about the dog crisis. ugh!

Trish said...

Holy crap! I would refuse to pay, plain and simple. You need to have a serious conversation with this vet. They were in the wrong and you never ok this procedure, so you have everything on your side.

I hope things work out!!!

J said...

definatly disput that crap.. they always have to call you and so the front desk person is probably freaking out for a perpose because they where suppose to CALL first that is always the way .. so threaten them to fix or you will sue or something to scare then...because they did not do as planned that is law I think? and still look into help I work with a vet with my cats that are rescue vets and they always know people that get money for when people need help keep checkin into it even on google.. put you area and help with pet bills or something what area are you in? I will google for you if you want and send you what I find ?

graymama said...

My cousin is a vet, and they have to receive your permission to go ahead on any procedure unless it is a life threatening situation. They fucked up and the desk clerk knows it. Good luck fighting this battle! ((((julia))))

Major Bedhead said...

I'm in western Mass, J. Thanks.

I'm talking to the vet at 3 p.m.. We have 60 days to pay the remainder, but we have to pay. The vet is saying there was a miscommunication.

I'm so sick of dealing with this.

Willow said...

My afternoons of court TV tell me that you are not required to pay for treatment that you did not ok. Take it to the Peoples Court. Unless you signed something ok'ing treatment it's the vets problem. What can they do if you refuse to pay? Let them take you to court (won't that be fun?)

art-sweet said...

This is ridiculous and the last thing you need to be dealing with when you're like, a gazillion months pregnant.

I got the ac in my car fixed for free b/c they did it without my authorization.

I would write them a very strong letter, reminding them that you never authorized treatment beyond the xrays, and are not prepared to pay the additional $$.

They did it, they eat it, plain and simple. And cc: whoever licenses vets in MA, your local better business bureau, your local newspaper, any other affiliations they have (I think there's an animal hospital group out there).

This is outrageous.

Kerri. said...

You didn't authorize it. They should eat it.

That's ridiculous to ask you to pay for something you didn't give consent for. I hate to compare your puppy to a car, but the same rules apply.

... re-reading what Art wrote, I see she already made that example. So I heartily SECOND Art's assertion. Make them eat it. And best to your pup.

Juliabohemian said...

I thought they couldn't do anything without asking the owner first. Like a car or even your child. I would refuse to pay. Vets often try to trick people into getting things they don't need for their pets.

BabelBabe said...

This happened to me with the dumb cat. I returned to the office, with three kids in tow, crying (me, not the kids - I have some pride : )), and they let me go with just the original 200. Because I had NOT okayed the procedure. I had to throw a hissy fit but it worked. sometimes the fact that you are a tired, distraught pregnant woman or mother should work in your favor...and this is one of those times.

Joke said...

Listen to these people! They are all right. Their goof, they eat it.


Anonymous said...

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