Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mold, mildew and mushrooms.

Fucking rain, man. I don't think we've had more than 5 days of sunshine for the entire month of June. May sucked ass, too. It poured yesterday. It's going to pour again today. It may be sunny tomorrow and Saturday, but Sunday will bring thunderstorms again.

I have mushrooms in my back yard - more mushrooms than grass at this point. My tomato plants are going to rot in the garden because it's not a garden so much as it is a mud patch. My cellar, which stinks of mildew, has become a breeding ground for frogs and mosquitoes. The sump pump and dehumidifier are going non-stop, to little avail.

The kids are going nuts. I try to take them out when it's not really raining too hard, but the problem is that is will vomit rain in a matter of seconds. Poor Boo stands there with her arms out by her side and her head down, sputtering and looking pathetic. O gets pissed - plus her pump isn't supposed to get wet. And this isn't normal rain, this is like being in a car wash. Not so great for electronic devices, especially $6,000 electronic devices.

So we're staying in. My floors, as noted in the previous post, are vile. The mop doesn't do shit. It all looks like hell.

And to make things even better, my father and the step-monster are deigning to visit today, which means I have to clean the place because they have one of those houses where you can eat off the floors. My house? Yeah, not such a good idea.

Just what I want to be doing on a humid, rainy morning. Hoovering and mopping and cleaning the house.

Somewhere along the way, I lost a week. I thought I was 33 weeks pregnant as of Tuesday, but I'm 34 weeks. Six weeks. I only have six weeks. Son of a bitch. I'm not ready for this.


Shannon said...

This rain is brutal, isn't it.

Brendon asked what he could do today. I said, "Go watch TV".

Don't have much money to take the 4 of us to places with indoor activities.

Debbie said...

don't clean - seriously. sca-rew that. you are on the verge of having a third (?) child to care for, and you're worried about what your parents think of the level of cleanliness in the house? I guarantee you couldn't eat off their floors when you (and any siblings you may have) were young. well, not that that probably stopped you guys from eating off the floor anyway - it doesn't seem to prevent my kid from doing it. and our floors are beyond filthy - we've passed that and entered squalor, I think.

no one expects a woman who's 34 weeks along to clean the house. seriously.

p.s. good luck to you with the weather nightmare you seem to be currently groundhog-daying. rarr.

Nicole P said...

I hate mold. And mushrooms. They are enemies of the human spirit.

graymama said...

I can understand the weather problem, but for me it is many months of snow in the winter, a child who never wants to put on his snow gear, and no car. It sucks! ((((hugs))))

Fuck the house work! Your house is lived in and used everyday by your family. It is not supposed to look shiny clean.

You are a very strong woman ready for anything that might come your way in the next six weeks and afterward.

Angewl said...

Please don't over do it. You have enough going on.

I can not believe it is 6 weeks. Where has the time gone?

I hope it stops raining there soon. You should have enough to last the summer and fall.

Joke said...

I hope humidity doesn't have the same effect as Pitosin.