Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tatnuck Booksellers

Tatnuck Booksellers, in Worcester, MA, closed. It's just wrong. I loved that store. I loved the creaky wooden floors of the converted old mill building. I loved the way the high windows let in the light but shut out the noise of the city. I loved being able to wander around for hours, picking and choosing what books I wanted to buy that day. I loved the sofas and seating areas scattered throughout the store. I loved that everyone who worked there knew and loved books just as much as I did. I loved that they published local authors. I loved that they had booksignings by small authors as well as the famous ones. I loved the restaurant. I loved the sweet potato fries. I loved that I could get a book and a glass of wine and sit there and read.

I'm so upset by this. I was just there! There was no indication that they were in trouble. The parking lot was packed, the restaurant had lots of people eating and there was a line at the register.

This was the only independent bookseller in Worcester. The only place now to get books is Barnes and fucking Noble. Soul-less, corporate devil that compounds its Wal-mart-esqueness by having a fucking Starbucks in every location. Bastards.

This blows sweaty, hairy donkey balls.


Sandra Miller said...


This place sounds like a slice of heaven... I'm upset, and I've never even set foot inside.

And yes, Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, Borders... the whole damn lot of them... are soul-less imitations.

I saw many wonderful independent bookstores and coffee houses disappear from our neighborhood while living in Chicago.

It's like some kind of horrible virus, isn't it?

Major Bedhead said...

It's probably because I'm pregnant, but I drove by there last night on my way to rehearsal and started crying. Both of my kids are very upset - they loved it there, too, although I think they loved the sweet potato fried more than the books. It's like the death of a friend....

Ellen said...

How sad. It's ubiquitous.

Our favorite children's book store in South Miami closed years ago once the big chains hit town. I missed having someone special direct us to the most beautiful, clever and well written picture books. We sat on the floor and found treasures to bring home. It never felt the same at Borders, let alone!

Thankfully Books & Books still survives in Miami and the owner was instrumental in creating the Miami Book Fair.

Another favorite bookstore for me is The Strand in New York City. I believe it's still there.

And a goal, to someday go to Powells and wander for days in a daze.

As a book land coffee lover, I'd love to have a cafe where the shelves are lined with used books...customers could bring in a book and take a different one home.

Major Bedhead said...

Oooh, Ellen, I'd love to go to Powell's, too!

Have you ever been to The Tattered Cover in Denver or Boulder? Great, great, great book store.

The Strand is still in NYC - another fantastic place.

There's a place in Niantic, CT that has FIVE buildings of used books. It's called The Book Barn. It's like a crack house for a book addict like me.

I am a book store junkie.

Kerri. said...

Oh I wish I'd known about your bookstore solace before it closed. I would have chained myself to the doors, covered in volumes of my favorite books, chanting, "Leave our store of special orders! Go and sell your soul at Borders!"

Erica said...

I've been to the Tattered Cover in Denver! I love that store...

That so sad that these stores are being put out of business. Wasn't there a movie where something similar happened - was it You've Got Mail? Regardles I'm pretty sure it was a meg ryan movie.

Kassie said...

OH NO!!! I loved Tatnuck when I lived in Oxford. That's just awful.

I am so bummed.

Major Bedhead said...

Kassie - you lived in Oxford? I'm in Dudley....the world, she is too small.

They're having a 40% off everything sale this weekend, but I don't think I can bear to go. It would be like picking over the carcass of a dead relative. Plus, I'd probably snuffle and cry all over the books and I'm pretty sure they'd frown on snot-coated stock.

Shannon said...

If you ever have the inclination to come to Manchester, NH, there are a couple of independent bookstores that opened up in the Millyards. One deals with antique books and the other deals with used books.

That really sucks that your favorite bookstore had to close.

Poppy Buxom said...

Damn! That so totally sucks. I can picture it so vividly just from your description.

But yeah ... the crying? Pregnancy hormones will definitely do that to you.

So anyway--by the way--thanks for the link! I just discovered your blog by checking who links to me--I'm wicked flatted (I'm also from Massachusetts.)

Just wanted to say hey--now I must go read more of this fine, fine blog.

Kassie said...

Julia - I lived there for 4 years when I was the camp director at Clara Barton. Lived on the property itself. Must confess it was kind of a drab place to live as a young single gal!

Kassie said...

Oxford was drab, not camp. That's a lovely spot :)

Anonymous said...

Tatnuck is closing!?!


I'm a former Oxford MA resident, and when my wife and I go up to visit my family, Tatnuck has always been a "must-visit" location! Every time we went, they were always packed, both the store and the restaurant part.

Alas, alack, and woe...

While I'm sad it's happening, I'm glad I know of it.

[Found your blog via a comment you left @ waiter rant.]

[exits to wail and gnash teeth.]

Anonymous said...

Tatnuck Booksellers only moved to the Lyman St./Rt. 9 intersection in Westborough.