Thursday, January 26, 2006

But that's four weeks from now!

Finally, I got a therapist to call me back. The soonest he can see us is 27 Feb. 'the fuck, man. That's a month from now. I don't want to feel like this for another month! I've called a couple of places, but this is the only one who's called back. I don't want to wait four weeks.

I guess I'll start calling a few other places. I hate having to explain my problems over and over again to some woman who just answers the phone. I know it's what they do all day, but it just wears you down after a while. Drip drip drip.

I need a vacation from my life.


Ellen said...

I always look for a goddess...I feel better talking to women therapists. It's a personal choice.

Don't give up...find someone everything doesn't fester. But think about finding someone just for YOU...not necessarily a marriage counselor.

Nicole P said...

Julia --

Hang in there. I admire you for sticking it out; for trying to save your relationship.

I would agree that you might wish to find not only a marriage counselor, but someone who can work with you alone as well.


Jess said...

Did you ask your doctor?
Also, might be worth nipping into the HR person at your work to see who's covered by your insurance (kind of the 'short list')
You'll get through this, Julia. You will.

J said...

Work often has an EAP (employee assistant program) sometimes they find good people too ... my hand of support is with you

Major Bedhead said...

jess - there's me, my boss and 6 production guys in this office. HR is in Minneapolis. Me? Not so much. I did get a call back from another agency and have an appointment to see someone on Feb 6th. Which is better than the 27th, or whatever I was told yesterday.

Erica said...

Aw man Julia... Good luck with this. I think it's great that you are seeking counseling. So many people would keep it simmering inside which would be no help.

{{Hugs}} We're here for ya...