Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Call me Oscar

I hate days like today.

Olivia woke me up at 4 a.m. to tell me that she'd forgotten to hook back up to her pump after her shower last night and now her blood sugar was 563. Oy. She was down to 240 by 6 a.m., so I sent her to school, but no sooner had she arrived than she puked, so now she's home with my mother. Her blood sugar is fine - 141 - but she still feels like crap.

I had to have my mother pick her up because I had to take Isobel to the doctor's. I thought she had yet another ear infection because she's been pulling at her head and very fussy at night, but she doesn't. This is good, because the pediatrician was talking about doing tubes if she got another one, but it's bad because now I have no idea what's wrong with her, other than she's 13 months old and this is what 13 month-olds do. It's infuriating.

What has sent me into full-blown pissed offedness, though, is the fact that, yet again, I had to wait half an hour in the exam room at the doctor's office. I had an appointment at 8:45 a.m.. HOW can you be running late already??? And WHY can't one of the nurses TELL me what's going on? Last week, I waited an hour and ten minutes to see the pediatrician. I need to find out who to complain to because this is pissing me off no end. I have a job I need to get to because I need to get paid and not get fired, thank you very much!

Mark has been advised that I'm Not Fit Company. If he knows what's good for him, he'll go play hockey or something. He's already in the dog house, which is another story.


Shannon said...

All of that rising and relatively rapid drop will do anyone in.

We had two bouts of ear infections from my daughter and youngest son plus two sets of pink eye from Brendon and my youngest son all in the same week.

I know how frustrating it can be dealing with Drs. and all of that crap. Then having to worry about missing work...the stress can be overwhelming.

Hopefully within the next day or two you'll have a streak of easiness.

Tekakwitha said...


I just read all of your blog. There are so many d blogs out there that sometimes it takes me awhile to get to them all...

Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your blog. Just wanted to you know!


Major Bedhead said...

I don't know how much of a D blog I have. It's more of a ranting incoherently blog most days. But thanks for reading it.

Anonymous said...

I sympathize-- the whole point of making an early appt is to get around the WAITING in the doc's office.

Thanks for the scoop on "million Little Pieces"-- a friend told me there was a big hoo-ha about it, but I didn't know where to go read the details. Now i will.
Thanks for coming by the kingdom.

Nicole P said...

Welcome to the Dr's Office... The most stressful place on earth. Where we poke you, prod you, and judge you. When you leave, you'll be pissed because you had to wait for me -- King MD -- for two hours even though you were right on time and you'll probably feel more clueless about what's ailing you or your loved ones than ever... But you'll have done your healthful duty.

I hate the doctor's office. I hate it a lot. A lot a lot.

I'll think patient thoughts for you. And smooth-bloodsugar thoughts for O.


Angewl said...

I hope Olivia and Isobel are feeling better.

I also hate the DRs office. HOW do they start off late????

They should call and tell you in it's going to be mroe than 15 mins. They need to realize people have other things to do than sit and read their out dated magazines and look at the ugly art on the wall.

Kerri. said...

I once got stuck in traffic on my way to Joslin from Wakefield, RI. Stuck for three hours. My appointment was at 12:15. I called at 11:30 to let them know I was in gridlock but expected to be there at 12:45. "No problem, thanks for the heads up," says the receptionist. Arrived at Joslin as anticipated, ran up to the front desk (panting and upset), told them "I made it!" and the receptionist turnde to me and said the following: "I'm sorry, but we don't have time to see you today because you're late. You'll have to reschedule."

I asked if she was kidding.
She confirmed that she was not.

So I told her what had happened that morning, what proactive measures I had taken, and precisely where to shove her appointment book. Used the bathroom, paid $10 for parking, cursed not unlike a sailor and drove off at an imperssive clip.

Mind you, when I went for my next appointment, I waited in the waiting room for over TWO HOURS because the doctor was running behind. When they took my blood pressure and noted that it was elevated, I almost lost it.

Thank goodness for Highlights magazine. (The only magazine in the waiting room.) If it weren't for that blasted Goofus and Gallant, I may have killed someone.

J said...

I have forgotten to hook my pump up a couple of times and as soon as your sugar is that high it take a while to feel better. I have discribed it as my "roller Coaster" feeling because that is what it feels like to me often it take a good day to feel yourself again even when numbers are reading well.. Hope all is better now and the Doc office WOW that would piss me off too. ugh!