Monday, October 30, 2006

Random randomness

  • My son was supposed to come over last Monday and never did. When I called him to find out what was going on, he said he'd be out on Wednesday. Again, he never showed up, but this time he called. At night, but it was still a call. He then said he'd come out today, but of course, he hasn't. Again. No phone call, either. My feelings are hurt.
  • I've been obsessively worrying about the Bug lately. I get up to check her three or four times during the night. I'm not getting much sleep, needless to say.
  • Manner seem to have gone by the wayside here at Casa Bedhead. TCBIM hollered at me the other night because the Bug was screaming her head off and nothing I was doing was helping. I know it came out of frustration, but he never aplogized. Today, he called to ask me to read some stuff off some work papers that he left here and when I was done, just said "Cool. Bye." No thanks, no nothing. This is not acceptable.
  • Boo is eating everything. She eats all her food (good) as well as the dog's food (bad) and the cat's food (bad) and the crayons, markers, leaves and dust bunnies that she can find. Why? Am I not feeding her enough? Do all toddlers do this? I don't remember this with O, but that was 10 years ago, too.
  • I have a flat tire. Actually, both rear tires are bald and need replacing. So, in addition to the mondo-expensive transmission job I need, I also need new tires. Fanfuckingtastic. I hate cars. I told TCBIM this morning that once we had money again, we were getting a brand new vehicle. I don't care. I have such shit luck with cars that it makes more sense to get new and have it be covered under warranty than to get used and pay thru the ass for car repairs.
  • In fifteen days, I'm going to be 40. It's freaking me right the fuck out. Seriously. Way worse than 30 did, worse even than 25 did and 25 freaked me out pretty badly.
  • All I want for my birthday is a pedicure and the new Johnny Lang cd. I luff Johnny Lang.


MsCellania said...

That "Man screaming at Woman due to crying baby" happened at our house, too. Once.
I handed him the crying baby and drove off. For FOUR hours. I seriously considered pinching the other baby as I exited the door, so he'd have 2 screaming babies to deal with, but I didn't.
Oddly enough, he has never complained about a crying kid since.
About the compulsive baby checking? Happened here too. I finally put a twin bed NEXT TO the crib, and slept with a hand ON the baby. And finally slept through the night.
Ugh, car troubles. I'm sorry about that. DH's car is old and rickety. Shimmies and drives down the highway shuckin' and jivin'. It's so bad, he won't let me drive it! But what to get? A hybrid? Another SUV? A truck? ACK!

LJ said...

I'd do what the mscellania suggested. brilliant!
I had a bassinet next to my bed and slept with my hand on him.
I know nothing about cars. With all that you put up with you deserve a new car!!

OhTheJoys said...

TAWANDA! I hear that the 40's are the best. Seriously.

floreksa said...

Oh, I did what mscellania did...Handed DH A and walked right out the door! Never bitched to me again about her crying. (also once threatened his life with a spork, but that's another story).

As for the Boo....A's doing the same thing lately. EVERYTHING is going into her mouth! I thought that was suppose to happen when she was like 10 months old, but nope, she's going through it now.

Anonymous said...

I'm with mscellania. Use the time to get a pedicure. And the CD. And find a nice place to park the car and listen to the CD. The whole thing. Maybe TCBYM will me singing a different tune when you get back home. Ugh. Men.

Shannon said...

I'm sorry TCBIM isn't treating you're doing the best you can and he should recognize that.

Brendon never put anything in his mouth, but Jessica and Jacob put things in their mouths and noses and ears.

Just a few weeks ago Jake had a popcorn kernel in his ear canal after he saw Jessica do it not too long before that.

graymama said...

Hubby's grandma says there is nothing like being in your 80s. It is the best!