Saturday, October 14, 2006

A whole bullet list of bitching

  • If you are reading this post on a site other than Major Bedhead or with in the address, you are reading scraped and stolen content.

  • Go over to Little Bald Doctors and read her posts about Bitacle. Fuckers. They're stealing blog content, including mine, and posting it as their original. I've added a spiffy new copyright button and I've made my feeds length short - apparently this helps, although I'm more than a little clueless about all of this.
  • So, if you're reading this on Bitacle, they're theiving fuckers and you should stop it right now.
  • I'm going to rent The Boo out as an air raid siren. She would certainly be heard all over town. "MiiiIIIIIine, miiiIIIIIiine, miiiIIIIIIiiine!" The plus side? She now knows to put herself in the corner. "No hit mama," she says, as she stands there. *sigh*
  • I put on lip gloss today, for the first time in, oh, forever and I noticed that I'm starting to get little lines around my lips. And? I have a crinkle in the middle of my brow. What. The. Fuck. When did this shit happen and why wasn't I consulted??! This getting older thing is for the birds.
  • My fucking car broke down. Really broke down, like, transmission-fell-out-of-it, broke down. This is not a good time for this to happen. At all. It's only got 100K miles on it and it's a HONDA. That's not supposed to happen. Once again, my bad car karma rears its ugly head.
  • I'm constantly hungry lately. I never, ever feel full. It sucks. I have to force myself not to hoover up the kitchen every day and I've completely stopped buying snacks, because I'll eat them all. It's not my thyroid - I just had that checked not too long ago. Maybe it's because I'm nursing, but I'm not happy. I've put on 7 of the 27 lbs I'd lost after having The Bug. In a month. Not good. Not good at all. Need to start walking. Maybe even running.
  • I don't know why, but all the bones in my body hurt. Feet, ankles, hips, fingers, wrists, shoulders. Everything. It's very uncomfortable and I'm sucking back Advil like there's no tomorrow. I don't want to have to go to the doctor's again. I'm sick of the doctor.
  • The dog has fleas. I hope I can buy some sort of flea treatment for not a lot of money at the local pet supply place. I feel bad - I can't afford the dog at all, but O and The Boo love her. And she is a very good dog - very obedient and really great with the kids. And I do like her, even if she does annoy the piss out of me sometimes.
  • And finally: Congratulations to the Detroit Tigers. Goin' to the World Series. I'll be cheering for them, since they beat the *spit* friggin' Yankees. For that, they earn my undying gratitude.


If not a mother... said...

I am thoroughly convinced the gradually developing crow's feet and laugh lines are giving away my true age to those who might otherwise card me. (Because, really, I still look about 20 from far away.)

Extremely hungry and aching bones - I can't believe it's not your thyroid. :( Does it tend to be stable after childbirth/during nursing? (Just wonderin' is all.)

Major Bedhead said...

I don't know - it was my first thought, too. I'm supposed to have it checked in 5 weeks, but maybe I'll go to the lab early. That ought to be fun with two babies. Oy.

Anonymous said...

I never go to the doctor. Well, not never, but I'm overdue for everything.

Still, that achy + hungry thing doesn't sound too good. So, I'd go. And I never go.

I am taking offense at the word verification here: "ufqupp" You fuck up?! WTF?!


Mamma Sarah said...

Sorry to hear that it sounds like things are falling apart around there. The transmission thing totally sucks and can feel ya. The same thing happened to my hubby's honda but there were like 200,000 miles on it.

I would go to the doc too for the achy and eating thing. I'm actually going to consult my ped. about the same thing this upcomming Friday because I've got the same thing going on. I don't know if Alex is sucking something out of me that he shouldn't or I'm being deficient in something for some odd reason. I feel like an old lady.

I'm sure better days are ahead!

Bea said...

Ah, the nursing hunger! I've never felt anything like it - you eat and eat, but there's always this element of desperation because you know that no matter how much you eat, and how fast, it's never, ever going to be quite enough. Good times.

freethoughtguy said...

Sounds like somebody needs a vacation!

Kerri. said...

That Bitacle thing sounds like a complete disaster. I went over to Little Bald Doctors and took a spin through her post ... and then the comments, and then linked out to some other articles/viewpoints ... needless to say, I spend about an hour reading up on Bitacle but there didn't appear to be any ways to "Fix It." I'm sorry you're being unfairly ripped off. That's ridiculous.

And yes, Detroit rocks hard. Down with the Yankees!

Erin M said...

can you explain this bitavle thing to me? I was on Andrea lsit - am I getting pirated too? How do i search for my content? ACKKK! hgelp I am so freaking out right now

Anonymous said...

bitacle=total assholes

Joke said...

Whoa! What's with the bitacle thing?



Irene said...

That was some list. Hope to catch you in a better mood next time. Bwahaha! :p

Those Bitacle leeches stole my blog too! Arrrrrgh!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Bitacle info. Finding my stuff on their site makes me hopping mad for a number reasons, not the least of which is the time it will take to try to undo what can be undone.

Ai yi yi.

floreksa said...

They go me too, julia!

bastards....Off to condem them to hell....