Wednesday, October 11, 2006

*Twitch Twitch*

I was netless for a week. It kind of sucked.

I didn't kill my mother while she was here, which is good.

I survived (barely) TCBIM being gone for a week.

O went to the endo's and to her father's. She's seen the endo more frequently in the last three months than she has her father.

The Bug is now sleeping from 10-ish p.m. until 5-ish a.m.. I am amazed and quite, quite happy. Now if only I could stay asleep. *sigh*

I have SO much blog-reading to do that it will probably take me a year to get thru them all.

More to come...sometime...hopefully.


art-sweet said...

You're back! Hooray! I missed you!

Given that you actually like O's endo, perhaps her seeing him more often than your ex is not such a bad thing...

MsCellania said...

The endocro is much more useful to her than the sperm donor, I think...
Congrats to babykins sleeping through. She must be "runnin' on ethyl" (which is a compliment to your milk, in case you're too tired to pick this up)
Nice to hear your Boy is Back. And being useful!

LJ said...

you were missed... really you were.
hooray for useful TCBIM!
hooray for baby sleeping!
hooray's all around!!

Mamma Sarah said...

Sounds like Bug is finally getting into a pattern. My little one just started sleeping the exact same time frame the past 2 nights. I'm so happy about this for you (and me). I'll be sure to send the Sandman your way.

graymama said...

10ish to 5ish is awesome! Now your body just needs to learn to sleep again.

I missed you!