Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Um, hello?

Remember me?
Name's julia. I used to post here regularly.
Now? Not so much.
Well, there's this baby, the Bug. She cries a lot. And there's her big sister, the Boo. She's on a nap strike. And O (who just turned 12 on the 25th), who has lots of homework and soccer practises and games and, and, and.... And then TCBIM is working a lot - good, because we need the money. Bad, because I feel like a single parent.

So, yeah.

I'm still around. Just kind of overwhelmed.

And next week? When TCBIM is gone? My mother will be here. I'm glad she's coming because I'll definitely need the help, but oh. my. god. I haven't spent this much time with my mother since...1988.

The most interesting news, though, is that my sister and her girlfriend are seriously thinking about joining a commune. More on that one later....


If not a mother... said...

life is busy 'round here, too.

Cat, Galloping said...

i don't know how you even have time to breathe!

LJ said...

big hugs and more big hugs
good luck with mom, big breaths!
happy belated birthday O!!
nap Boo!!
stop crying bug!
intrigued of sister and gf joining a commune.

Joke said...

1- Hang in there.
2- They still have communes?
3- If so, does that make them communists? I mean to say, I've seen many capitals, and I'm a capitalist...


Mamma Sarah said...

Keep your chin up. Just remember to smile. I know it's hard to do, I've got a newborn too. :-D But you definately have your hands full. Just enjoy them while you've got them. :-D

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if it weren't for my mom visiting after mine was born, I wouldn't have eaten for a week. I'd have just forgotten.

Andrea (http://littlebalddoctors.wordpress.com) Blogger behaving badly, AGAIN.

Scott K. Johnson said...

We'll still be here whenever you have some time, energy and feelings to write something.

No pressure!

Girlplustwo said...

it's tough flying solo...i can't believe you found time to write. love your blog, btw...found you via chicky. great stuff.