Wednesday, September 20, 2006

This post contains Too Much Information

The Bug has thrush. Rather, had thrush. I took acidophilus like it was going out of style and it seems to have cleared up. I think she has a yeast infection on her little butt, though, because she has a rash from hell and the Desitin isn't touching it.

I also have a whopper of an infection. It's disgusting. I got the tube o' stuff and have been using it, but now I'm bleeding. Which is decidely Not Right, since I'm breastfeeding exclusively and the baby is only 6.5 weeks old.

I called the midwife today, thinking the bleeding and yeast infection were one and the same and she insists they're not. So, what the fuck? She claims it's residual post-partum bleeding, but that seems really odd.

I've had four babies and this is the first time this has happened.

And the Bug? Still crying like a son of a bitch. I tried the baby burrito thing that someone suggested. Tonight, I'm leaving. TCBIM will be home in half an hour and I'm going out. I don't give a shit where I go, but if I don't leave, someone's going to get hurt. I don't know what to do for her. She just screams and screams and screams and I'm about to lose my fucking mind. Last night, she screamed from 2 a.m. until almost 4 a.m..

To make my life even better, I found out that TCBIM has to go to Philadelphia for a week, on October 2nd. Fanfuckingtastic. Can't hardly wait.


OhTheJoys said...

I think the postpartum bleeding thing is possible, but if it's not your pattern I'm sure you should keep an eye on it.

Bec said...

Revisiting your blog after a long absence and you have a new baby! congratulations and commiserations on the current misery.

I'm not sure what your cause will be, and I've had icky bleeding from really bad thrush once before, BUT I can also promise the 'breastfeeding stops your periods' doesn't apply to everyone. My first baby, periods returned at 7 weeks despite bf up to 20 times a day (I was new at this, ok!) and then with TWINS being exclusively breastfed my period came back at 8 weeks.

Good luck with the new bub and I hope everything else clears up quickly for you.

MsPrufrock said...

I had weird spotting at about 6 weeks, though I was exclusively pumping rather than breastfeeding. My GP didn't seem very concerned when I told her about it.

In regard to getting out to go...well, anywhere, I hear you totally. I had a bit of a breakdown last night thanks to lack of sleep and a screaming baby and was all I could do to not jump out the window.

I hope you regain your sanity soon, however temporary.

Poppy Buxom said...

Could she have (deep breath) colic?

I never had a baby with it, but my niece had a horrible case of it. It drove my sister nuts.

Here's from the Mayo Clinic:

Colic isn't a disease, but a pattern of excessive crying with no apparent cause. This frustrating and largely unexplained condition affects about one in 10 infants. Colic usually starts a few weeks after birth, peaks at about 6 weeks of age and usually improves markedly by your baby's third to fifth month.

Major Bedhead said...

Oh, please bite your tounge, Poppy. I've been putting my fingers in my ears and saying "lalalalalalalaI'm not listening," every time someone says the C word.

She might. She's awfully gassy. (She is her father's daughter. If methane powered the planet, I'd never have to pay an electric/oil bill again.)

MsCellania said...

Oh, NO!
Here is my home-made triple paste ointment that knocks the sox off yeast rash, but I've never used it on a baby under 6 months old, ok?! I would ask your pede before using it on her.

Tube of Neosporin WITH PAIN RELIEF
Tube of Chlortrimeton or any anti-fungal. Your vaginal anti yeast would work too.
40% zinc Oxide super thick butt cream. Cheap rash ointments usually contain cod liver oil and 40% zinc oxide. Perfect!

Squeeze a bit of the neosporin on to your freshly washed hands. Using the pads of a finger or two, gentle swipe a thin layer on the Bug's rashy area. Work quick, she will scream at first.

Wait a minute or two and let the deadening agent (Pain Relief!) work. Meanwhile, mix 1 part antifungal to 4 parts 40% zinc oxide in non dominant palm. Using your finger pads again, quickly apply a thick coating where she's red and rashy.
Diaper as usual. Do up to 3 times a day but not more.
For diaper changes, wash her butt in warm water, using neutrogena liquid or other mild soap (anti bacs will sting her) but no wash cloth which yes, means your hand. Rinse well by pouring tepid water on the area. Dry by pressing her skin with a soft, old diaper a couple of times, and blow on it to finish drying. Apply more neosporin and 40% zinc rash cream.
My youngest had horrible rashes until he was two. This is the only thing that cleared them up.

And for her screaming? Can you give her Gas Drops? Little Noses has some simethicone drops that work well and are gentle. I also used baby massage to work the gas out, and carried the baby face down in a football hold alot.

She's just got an immature digestive system. Something you are eating is giving her the gripe something fierce! Solids will be her Friend. I waited until Oldest was 6 months old to give him ANY solids, but youngest? He was eating full meals by then!

Hang in there, Honey! You are doing a great job with your girls!

art-sweet said...

Oh man, Julia if I could come and spell you for a bit, I totally would.

Is diflucan not safe for breast-feeding? Every girl with the D knows: Diflucan is Your Friend.

If I had a big ass rash on my butt, I'd cry too.

Sending you hugs and big choruses of "I will survive..."

Major Bedhead said...

art - will you do the Priscilla, Queen of the Desert chorus line, too? 'cause that'd definitely help. :D

MsCellania (cool screen name!) - thanks for that little recipe. Last night I tried the antifungal and the butt paste and that seemed to help. I couldn't find the neosporin. I've been using Gripe Water, which seems to help her a little bit. I don't know what I'm eating that is bugging her - I guess I'll have to try eliminating things from my diet. The Boo was like this, too, only not as screechy. Thanks for that advice. Do you have a blog? Your profile was private...and I'm nosey. ;)

Jamie said...

Ah, Julia - you have my sympathies because I've been there, done that.

I was exclusively bf'ing my first daughter and got my period after 5 weeks. 5 stinking weeks!! Me, being the dork that I am, went to the doctor to complain about this, and sure enough - aunt flo was making a stop at my house. How rude.

As for the yeast - it looks like what you're doing is helping her. My kids are prone to them, especially after a round of antibiotics - and well, Dani is Diabetic - she has gotten them before when her sugars run high for an extended period of time (despite me trying my best to get them down) - you know the drill. Anyhow, I just use anti-fungal cream on them - even the tube of cream you get in the adult doses of Canesten (not sure if you get that one in the states) works really good on their little bums too.

As for the colic - been there, done that as well. I remember awhile back that you said gripe water was expensive there ... here it is $3 a bottle. I'm not sure if it's helping her, but I will seriously pick some up for you and ship it off in an instant if you want some more. I also used Ovol drops on my daughter when she had it - again, not sure if you can get that there, but it costs a little bit more (we went through that stuff like water, I tell you) - they are an anti-gas drop as well.

I hope things settle down for you soon. Having no sleep for that long isn't healthy. I hope you got a little bit of me time when you went out, it makes a world of difference.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

you got some good advice here... the no bleeding while breastfeeding rule was made by a male. wanting sex. i swear.

all i can say is,

Run... Forest..... Run !!!

(hope all works out ok !)

Anonymous said...

I can't offer you any advice that other people haven't already blown out of the water with their infinite wisdom.

This may be a dumb question, but what does her pediatrician say? Have there been tests done to see that something more serious isn't going on? Or at least a definitive answer that it is colic or gassy constitution?

I'd come babysit, but I believe I live too far away and probably wouldn't be there in time to spell you for a bit.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to help out when your husband is out of town (and any other time for that matter). Call me, the girls can come over for a few hours one or two of the nights. You clearly need a well deserved break! Call me:)

graymama said...

I hope that you had yourself some fun julia time last night, and feel refreshed today :-)

I wish I lived closer to you, and could help you out, especially while TCBIM is gone!

As for the crying, I always liked the biological theory that stress hormones can build up in a baby's body and can easily be released through crying spells. As long as the Bug has all of her immediate needs like diapers and feedings met, the crying could be stress hormone related. I know that doesn't stop the screaming, but maybe it will give you some solace that it doesn't have to be the dreaded C.

For the rash, you could put the acidophilus on her bottom.


Sharon said...

You can tell I don't have kids. Every time I read the abbreviation BF, I thought "boyfriend...?".

I am such a dumbass.

Sorry about your screamy baby.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Oh, honey, I hope things have gotten better since you wrote this. I had a colicky baby so I understand the constant screaming.

Hang in there!

Bea said...

GOOD for you for going out. I hope it recharged your batteries a little. Hope your baby's tummy (and bum) are doing better.

Kerri. said...

Chiming in late and without any child-raising experience, I hope things are looking up for you, Julia. We're thinking about you all and hoping things are well. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that sucks. Babies that scream all the time for no particular reason are so tough--you know you're doing everything you can, but the noise. won't. stop. The rash is certainly part of it, I'm sure. Have you asked your ped about infant GED? If the crying increases when she's lying down, that may be part of it.

I wish I were closer--I'd come help, especially when TCBYM is gone. That sucks. I hope it's over soon.