Tuesday, July 25, 2006

So my choice is "Or death?"

You know your kid is sick when she refuses a small slice of angel food cake. Oh dear.

I woke up last night to pee (I'm really getting tired of that). I got back into bed and was just starting to fall into this weird dream where I was giving birth on the floor of my Honda as TCBIM sped down the highway, when I heard this little voice, "Mama. Oh, mama. Oh, mama. Hot. Oh, mama. Hot." Once I woke up enough to figure out it wasn't the dream child I was birthing, talking to me, and that I wasn't actually giving birth anywhere, never mind on the floor of a Honda Accord, I realized it was The Boo.

And yes, she was hot. Very hot. I doped her up with some Tylenol, gave her a sippy cup full of cold water and she went right back to sleep.

This morning? Stink city, man. She'd pooped out the back of two diapers by noon. Disgusting, orange, runny, smelly poops, the kind that make you reel back, fanning the air in front of your face, when you open the bedroom door. She's drinking a lot, but not eating. I'm not panicking yet, but if she's still like this tomorrow morning, I'm calling the pediatrician. She hasn't been sick in ages, so I'm probably overdue for a bout.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, the damned cat puked all over my bed at 6 a.m.. Lovely. Just how I want to be woken up. He's already been to the vet once, last week, for this. Apparently, the antibiotics he's on aren't doing the trick.


In other news, O is at camp until next Thursday. I miss her a lot, but there's this cool e-camp thing where you can send emails to your kid and see pictures of them online. I spent a while this morning, scrolling thru the pictures, looking for her. There were a few and she looks like she's having fun. I've already sent her two emails and she's only been gone since Sunday.

Her dad never called her back after totally blowing her off last weekend. She refused to call him, said she didn't want to talk to him. He called here Sunday night and all he wanted to know was if she'd made it to camp. I said yes and he pretty much hung up on me - I'm sure he didn't want to get an earful from me.

O has said that she'd write to him from camp. We had this long conversation on Saturday about it and she said she just didn't want to deal with it, just wished it would all go away. I told her that she was going to have to deal with it or her dad was just going to keep doing this. He's being immature, but if they both keep putting their heads in the sand over this, then nothing will ever change. I suggested that she write down how she's feeling, in a letter to her dad, and if she feels like it, to send it to him. I told her that I know it's hard for her to confront him in person or on the phone, so a letter is probably the best way. And then, she'll know. If he responds and actually talks to her about this (highly unlikely, given his track record), then maybe they can salvage something. If he doesn't respond and continues to act the same way, then she'll have to decide what she wants to do. I can't make that decision for her. I will support her 100%, no matter what she decides, though. As much as I loathe her father, I will not keep her from seeing him.


Jess said...

O is going to grow up to be a strong-minded, independent lady who knows her own way.

And she didn't get that from her Dad.

I hope Boo feels better soon - yuck!

Kerri. said...

"Well I'll have the chicken!"

I'm sorry Boo has the bug. No good.

But your camp picture for O's camp gave me goosebumps. What cabin is she in this year? How long has she been going?

Major Bedhead said...

dgb - thanks. :)

Kerri - she's in Rainbow Ridge this year - it's her fourth year. She'd been in Shangri-la the last two years, so she feels like she got promoted.

Kerri. said...

Sweet. Next year she'll be a Bartonian. I remember my "pinning" and it still makes me grin to think about it.

Chris and I visited CBC two summers ago, just so he could see what I was talking about when I said, "Best place. EVER." It impresses me even more as an adult.

... did I say "adult"? Oh shit.

LJ said...

I agree with others, O will make up her own mind about the type of relationship she wants with her father. He's driven her to this point. Really what else is she to do? It's not her job to make him happy! If she doesn't find happiness with him, she'll find it elsewhere. Good for you for helping her become a wonderful little woman. You are certainly raising her right.
Big get well hugs for Boo! And mr cat.

Anonymous said...

Oh! We just went through the stomach virus with the baby. Poor thing.

Stay healthy.

Andrea said...

Big healthy vibes being sent your way! I hate seeing little kids sick.

Sounds to me like O is still learning from this whole thing, even if it's a lesson no child should have to face. And you're very diplomatic by pretty much staying away from bad mouthing and simply offering suggestions and letting O decide on her own how she wants to handle it. Too bad her father doesn't see what a treasure she is.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a bad day. hope it gets better.

Debbie said...

oy! finally! a blogger lady who knows about Eddie.

I think, no, I KNOW that I love you, Julia.



Debbie said...

p.s. I am impressed by your approach re: your daughter's ridiculous father/his five-year-old behavior. also impressed by her response.

and as for the storm o' puke that has been stirred up in your house; not fair. I just hope it all goes away, and fast.


p.s. I tried to email you (using the addy that shows up when you comment on my blog) the other day and it got returned. wah? I no understand.