Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A $2,000 Piece of Shit

Warning: Lots and lots and LOTS of swearing.

I fucking HATE this computer. All my techy-geek friends, whom I love and adore (when they've showered) told me Apples were great. Never crashed, no viruses for them, blahblahblahfuckingblah. Well, guess what? They're all fucking WRONG.

This computer crashes All. The. Fucking. Time. I hate it. I can't do shit with it. It's slow, it's useless and I'm starting to wish I'd just spent my fucking money on a goddamned Dell or something. G5s suck ass.

Fuck you, Steve Jobs. And the horse you rode in on.


Andrea said...

FINALLY! Someone who agrees! My sister and her fiance, big computer savvy people, told me Mac is the way to go. Get a mac laptop. I did. It sucked. I never could figure out what was so great. I could hardly work with it, and that's only because I put microsoft programs on it so I would be somewhat familiar with it. The stupid airport card NEVER worked with the Airport base station thingy that was supposed to make it possible for me to wirelessly surf the 'net. Worst $2500 I ever spent.

Just got a new Dell before Christmas. Not one problem. And it was cheaper. Is it too late for you to return for refund? If so, you could do what I did. Drop it accidentally (and that really was an accident that hurt very much) and then when people who know say it's unrepairable, you can whine and beg and plead for another one. Then your hubs can feel good about giving you a kick ass Christmas gift. Cool!

Thanks for stopping by littlebalddoctors. You caught me in a melodramatic moment.

Trish said...


My hubby is a systems admin and has to work with them all day and he comes home with worse words than that! He even has an apple symbol with a bullet hole through in on the back of his car!

Joke said...

Nobody ever listens to me.




I'd rather blog on an abacus than use a Mac.


P.S. Poppy's Mac history is so sad that if Macs we husbands, she's be Lorena Bobbitt.

Poppy Buxom said...

And yet ... I've had a Mac of some flavor or other since 1986

Mac 512K
Mac Plus
another iMac so I had Firewire for my first iPod
iBook (the clamshell)
iBook G4

Overall, I'd say the quality isn't what it used to be, but in general, I'm satisfied with Macs and I know how to use them. I use Windows on my husband's laptop and various desktops we have around and it drives me crazy when I can't figure out how to do something.

I'd never advise anyone to switch to a Mac from Windows--but I'm not about to buy a Dell, either.

p.s. What cookbook is Joke giving you for this?

Major Bedhead said...

I think he means the one I won before.

SUEB0B said...

I have to speak up for my little Apple friends...My first Mac was a Mac Plus, in 1987, and I have had them ever since. I use a PC at work and at Mr. Stapler's house.

You may have a bad Mac. It happens, like it happens to everything - computers, cars - there are lemons. My sis had a bad mac and had to have it replaced.

The two systems are just similar enough to be confusing and just different enough to be maddening. Having grown up on Macs, I think that every Microsoft program is A COMPLETE AND UTTER PIECE OF SHIT. For example, WTF with MS Word and its propensity for just randomly changing formatting for a whole paragraph to something that HAS NEVER EVER EXISTED IN THAT DOCUMENT BEFORE? Like you delete a line and suddenly the whole para becomes 24 point blue Lucida?? And I find getting around in Windows so damn unintuitive and frustrating. It wears me down.

I miss working on a Mac like I miss my best friend who lives in NYC. It sucks to have to be without them.

Christine said...


I love my Macbook.

*runs and hides*