Friday, July 21, 2006


That last post kind of wrung me out, so here's a meme for your amusement (and because I haven't done one in a while.)

Stolen from Behind The Stove, (who already bagged the best quote) who stole it from Badger, who stole it from...someone.

What's your Hell like?

Drinks in my hell:
Budweiser/Miller/Coors and any beer of that ilk
Blackberry Brandy
White Zinfandel
Wine coolers

Food in my hell:
Chicken livers the way my mother made them - overcooked, dry and nasty
Manhattan clam chowder
That awful sweet potato dish with marshmallows that people serve at Thanksgiving
Green bean casserole, or anything made with cream of whatever soup
Pureed turnips
Riced potatoes (what is the point of that, exactly?)
Buttermilk dressing
Ranch dressing
Thousand Island dressing (aka Puke In A Bottle)
Processed Cheese Food

Occupations in my hell:
Forest ranger (I hate bugs. To the core of my being. Hate. Them.)
Daycare teacher (I don't much like other people's children - hell, I can barely stand my own sometimes)
Stable cleaner-outer (Bugs AND shit. *shudder*)
Garbage collector (Trash breeds bugs. And stench. And sweaty men.)

Music mix in my hell:
James Blunt
Any of those nasally rock bands, like Nickleback and System of a Down and such. That's not music, that's whining.
Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac
99% of country music
Folk music - not trad. stuff, but girl-with-a-guitar kind of thing.

President in my hell:
Hah. Take a wild guess.

Authors in my hell:
James Patterson
Danielle Steele
Nora Roberts (sorry, Sarahtoo!)
The guy who wrote Corelli's Mandolin
Charles Dickens

Husbands in my hell:
Jim Carrey
Will Farrell
Jack Black
Ben Stiller

Only activities allowed in my hell:
Pap smears
Dental work of any kind
Dish washer


If not a mother... said...


And white zinfandel will definitely be in my hell (if/when I get around to posting it). Back when I was a novice surrounding all things alcohol (and was still a poor college student), the husband and I shared a 1.75 liter of white zinfandel back at his college apartment after Thanksgiving dinner with my family. Needless to say, I got really sick and was really hungover. Still the worst experience with alcohol ever because I felt bad that night AND in the morning, as opposed to one or the other.

Not Your Type 1 said...

I am still laughing about James Blunt being your music in hell, mine too.

Andrea said...

This is awesome! I'm with you on Will Farrell and Ben Stiller. I think I'm the only person that hasn't seen all of Something About Mary becuase I. can't. stand. Ben Stiller. He's just a creepy monkey-man to me, a stalker-looking monkey man. Ugh.

Authors in my hell:
Mary Higgins Clark
Danielle Steele (so with you)
Nick Hornby (What the HELL was How To Be Good about?)
Any romance writer.

I couldn't stay away from that one.

Jamie said...

LOL - I may have to steal this meme too. Good list.

graymama said...

"Thousand Island dressing (aka Puke In A Bottle)"


"Pap smears"


As for your music in hell, you might consider most of my collection to be hellish :-P

Anonymous said...

Oh my God - Clamato - GAG!

Angewl said...

I must already be living IN your hell.

LJ said...

Two people who know what Clamato Juice is!! Hooray!! Unfortunately it wouldn't be going to my hell, I love the stuff!!