Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What The Hell Is Wrong With Me?

I was reading Elizasmom's recap of the Bruce Springsteen show this past weekend at Foxboro, grinning at the thought of her making signs to get Bruce's attention, of the fun she had at the show and suddenly I'm in fucking tears. Why??? I'm pretty jealous that she was able to go, but it's not like it's her fault I have no money. And believe me, she kept asking if there wasn't some way I could go.

And man, did I want to go. So, so badly. I tried a million different ways to figure out a way to come up with the money but nothing doing.

I don't think I've cried over missing a concert since I was about 14 years old. It's kind of ridiculous and more than a little embarrassing.

So what the hell is my problem? I'm not pregnant - that's not even possible any more. Is it because The Bug turns two tomorrow? Am I PMSing? Have I really not gotten past high school, emotionally?

I guess I'll have a lot of fodder for the therapist on Thursday.

*siiiiiigh* *sniffle*


Life As I Know It said...

Don't be too sad...although I know where you are coming from.
I went at the very last minute to the show in foxboro - someone had an extra ticket. He'll be around again, I'm sure.


elizasmom said...

I'm sorry — I totally understand, because I have done it. I was stubhubbing as late as Friday night to see if we couldn't at least get you a $10 nosebleed seat, but those seemed to be just an urban myth, sadly. It would've been nice to have another woman in our group. Next time...

motherbumper said...

Oh I hear you on this one - I've cried over similar things. Money is always tight and it's even more frustrating when you've got taste for good stuff.

crazymumma said...

Oh. I get this. Neil Young came to town earlier this year, andI wept because I couldn't get a ticket.

wept at my kitchen counter.

because it represented something about dreams and youth and blahblahblah.

anyhow, I saw the boss twice. A very long time ago.

go on a road trip, catch up with him. double dog dare you.

Unknown said...

Stinks that you couldn't go! ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Stress can do that to you.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya.
I'm feeling that way because I know I will be missing Tina Turner when she comes this fall.

Unknown said...

I'm a lurker, so I thought I'd de-lurk for this one.

Nothing is wrong with you; sometimes the self-sacrifice we single moms make can be, well, frustrating!! We love our kids, but OH the pinching of pennies until it hurts.

I've been there, done that, I even have the damn t-shirt. It sucks. And then your two-y.o. will come up to you after a bath, with her sweet smelling head, and snuggle up to you with her blankie in one hand and her thumb in her mouth, and lay her head on your shoulder and say, "I wuv you, mama." THAT is why there is no money for concerts, and yes, it is totally worth it.

Then you know it's worth the sacrfice every. fucking. time.

But it is also perfectly okay for you to be sad that you are unable to do something fun for yourself.

Now that my kids are grown (25 and 20) and I'm remarried with two grown stepkids and a stepgrandson with another step grandson on the way? I still can't keep a fucking penny in our savings, because at this age they "Mom I need some gas money" "Mom I need some groceries" "Mom I need help with my car payment" you to death!!

But with two incomes, it is a bit easier. But you know what I've done? I listen to a radio station that gives away tickets to concerts, and if you're persistent, sometimes this is a great way to get tix to concerts you can't otherwise afford to see. I've seen Rod Stewart, Santana, John Mayer, and next week I'm going to see Michael McDonald. All free. All courtesy of the radio station I listen to. Woot!

To hell with the naysayers! It's your (pity) party and you can cry if you want to!! LOL