Monday, August 04, 2008

Letters, We Got Letters

Dear dood who pulled his POS van out in front of me, an oncoming car and the Polar Soda guy,

Watch where you're going, asshole.

Yours in road rage,
Major Bedhead

Dear lady at the pool,

If I can smell your Liz Sport or Lauren by Ralph Lauren over the chlorine, from three lanes away? You are wearing too much. It's perfume, not marinade.

Yours in nasal offendedness,
Major Bedhead

Dear computer,

What the FUCK is going on? Why do you keep fading the words and pictures in and out? Do NOT shit the bed on me or it's to the dump with you. You have been warned. Don't make me put a new video card in you, you money-sucking hog.

Yours in MS loathing,
Major Bedhead

Dear Manny,

Sayonara, you ungrateful hump.

Yours in Jason Bay-bandwagon-jumping,
Major Bedhead


sandy shoes said...

I suggest an anonymous post-it on marinade lady's locker:



Have a nice day."

MsPicketToYou said...

Bay kicked some serious ass on Sunday. And Papelbon is just hot.

Dear Red Sox,

Will you marry me?


Ms Picket

Anonymous said...

Jason Bay was my Favorite when he was a Pittsburgh Pirate. I think im converting to a Boston Fan Now

Lisa said...

Dear Manny,
It's been real, but there is only so much Manny being Manny we, of the faithful can take. Say hi to Nomah for me!