Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday: Go Vote!

I tried to teach Boo how to say Barack Obama today. She came up with Go Rock Omama.

I'm going at 4-ish to vote, so that I can take my girls with me. I try to take my kids every time I vote - I think it's a good thing to teach them and while I know the little ones are too young to even get it, O will understand. She might roll her eyes at me now but one day she's going to be able to vote and I want it to seem like a normal thing, something you just do, something to make into a big deal.

Because it is a big deal. I really fear for this country and the path we've traveled over the last 7 years. We have willingly, for the most part, given up huge chunks of our civil rights. The phone companies and George Bush have been able to listen in on every phone call made in this country for the last couple of years. And if this stupid FISA bill goes thru, the phone companies won't bear any responsibility for their illegal activities. It's mind boggling that this doesn't upset more people.

Bush claims that we need this law in order to catch terrorist activities. However, he's threatened to veto the bill if it doesn't include this immunity for the telecom industry. I'm confuuuused. If he vetoes the bill, he's vetoing it protect the telecoms. What about the America people? Do we deserve less protection than the phone companies? Isn't it the president's job to protect the citizens of this country? By threatening to veto this bill, Bush is showing exactly what he thinks of us and our safety. Nothing. We are less important than the phone companies.

The Democratic Congress needs to step up and block this bill. They need to get off their asses and do what they were elected to do - put a stop to this sort of thing. It enrages me when I hear how mealy-mouthed and pitiful the Democratic majority sounds when they can't accomplish these things. Get up there and DO something, for fuck's sake, before you just hand the entire country over to a fascist regime.


Go vote, people! It's more important than ever.


Sarah said...

I agree :) Completely!

Velma said...

I took Peanut with me this morning and he's been wearing my "I Voted" sticker proudly all day!

Anonymous said...

pathetic am I. :(

Anonymous said...

I voted. I was a great big dumbass, but I voted.

Josie said...

I can't vote, as I'm in Canada, but wish I could. Your choice of President affects us greatly. Glad to see a lot of people are going to vote :)

jules said...

yay for obama!!

Maureen Fitzgerald said...

I certainly understand the need to make a point, poetic license, and all that...but let's be careful about using terms like "a fascist regime". Take a look around the globe and see what conditions some people are living under. You may disagree with some of the policys of the current administration, but I feel the need to (respectfully) point out that you do live in a society that allows you to voice your disagreement on a public blog. A true fascist regime would have you killed for such insubordination.

(But I am glad you voted!!)